Welcome to the Project Management Office

Who we are

The Project Management Office (PMO), within the Information and Instructional Technology Services (IITS) department, serves as a center of excellence for project and portfolio management, and process improvement at UTSC.

Our team is trained in ITIL, PMP, BA and LEAN methodologies with direct access to the University of Toronto's extensive network and resources. This means that we can provide:

  • Informed decision-making through effective transfer of knowledge
  • Advanced information security
  • Greater vendor relationship


What we do

The PMO helps your business unit with everything from analyzing business problems to designing, implementing and operationalizing solutions. We work closely with all UTSC Staff and Faculty in managing complex campus-wide and tri-campus projects.


How we meet your needs

Pain Point Analysis: Through partnerships with Academic Business units, we immerse ourselves in your business to understand current and future state for long-term viability

Solution Development: With a holistic approach to solution design, we evaluate technology and processes when providing recommendations for a way forward

Implementation: Depending on the engagement, the PMO can implement the agreed upon solution or provide guidance for information security and contract negotiation with the solution to be implemented by the client

Benefits Realization: With standardized tools and processes, the PMO can help create measures of success and ensure they are realized at project completion


How to get started with our team

For assistance or more information, please contact our team at pm-office@utsc.utoronto.ca