Dr. Cosima Porteus

Assistant professor

Department of Biological Sciences, Cells and Systems Biology

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Dr. Gwangseok Rex Yoon

Postdoctoral Fellow

Funded by a CERA Postdoctoral Fellowship

Project title: The effects of ocean acidification on the activity of marine fish

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Liam Tigert 

Ph.D. student

Project title: Effects of anthropogenic stressors on the olfactory system of marine medaka (Oryzias melastigma)






Elissa Khodikian

Master Student

Project title: Effects of ocean acidification on olfaction of marine crabs






Gary Ren

Master Student

Project title: The effects of hydrogen sulfide on ageing in a turquoise killifish model



Deep Soor

Undergraduate student

Project title: The distribution of oxygen sensing cells in marine fish







Dr. Andrea Durant

Inclusive Excellence Postdoctoral fellow

Project title: The effects of anthropogenic climate change on the olfactory system of crabs

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Sandy Chen

Undergraduate student

Project title: Behavioural responses to odorants in European sea bass