I am always happy to hear from excellent, motivated scientists wishing to join the lab. If you are a current undergraduate at UTSC and looking for laboratory experience or to complete coursework in the lab, please send me an introductory email with your interests and skills. If you are interested in graduate studies, our lab is part of the Department of Cell and Systems Biology at the University of Toronto. In advance of your formal application to the program, you may wish to reach out to me to discuss current opportunities in the lab. Currently, I do not have funds to accept postdoctoral fellows, but I am always willing to hear from those willing to develop proposals for fellowships.



Department of Biological Sciences
University of Toronto Scarborough
1265 Military Trail
Toronto, Ontario. M1C 1A4

Office Location: SW513A

Office Phone: (416) 287-7413

Email: cosima.porteus(at)utoronto.ca

mural by Christi Belcourt & Isaac Murdoch hangs in the Meeting Place at UTSC