After booking your appointment with one of our lab members, you will receive a confirmation email containing directions to the lab. You may also be sent a reminder email within 2 days of your appointment. If you are running late to your appointment or need to reschedule your appointment, please notify our lab immediately by replying to our emails or calling us at 416-298-7451 to reschedule.

During the appointment

When you turn right onto the main campus of the University of Toronto at Scarborough, located just east of Military Trail and Ellesmere Road, continue to drive beside the playground of the N’Sheemaehn Daycare Centre, then turn right shortly past it. One of our research assistants will be waiting near here with a parking pass for you. Drive forwards and park in Lot E.


In the lab 

Welcome to the lab! You will be brought to the waiting room where we will brief you about the study and allow you to provide your consent for your child for the study while your child familiarizes themselves with their new surroundings. They can play with any of our toys, which are cleaned regularly.

When everyone is ready, we will begin the experiment. During the experiment, we can take as many breaks as needed to make your child feel comfortable.

For our locomotion studies, we will use a pressure-sensitive mat, called the GAITRite mat, to measure your child’s walking parameters, such as their walking speed. For our perceptual studies, your child will be seated on your lap facing 1 or 2 computer displays that will show simple or everyday movements.

Once the experiment is done, we will debrief you on the experiment to provide you with more information about what the study was investigating. You will receive a copy of your consent form either through email or as a photocopy.We will then take your child’s photo for their very own Junior Scientist certificate as their keepsake. Your child will receive a toy they choose as a thank you for their hard work.

And that’s it! Depending on the study, the entire visit will take from 30 minutes (for perceptual studies) to 1 hour (for locomotion studies) or 2 hours (for the motor and cognitive study). One of our research assistants will escort you back to your parking lot to retrieve our parking pass.

If you are interested in having your child participate in our studies, you may sign-up here. We will contact you when your child becomes eligible for a study. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.