The Laboratory for Infant Studies

University of Toronto Scarborough
1265 Military Trail, H302B-E
Scarborough, On, M1C 1A4

Tel: (416)-287-7451

Thank you for your interest in the Laboratory for Infant Studies!

Interested in participating? Please complete the form below for your child to be added to our database. When your child becomes eligible for a study, you will be contacted via email or telephone and you may decide at that time if you would like to participate.

Pregnant? We would still like to hear from you! Please enter you baby’s due date as their date of birth on the sign-up form, and we will contact you when your child becomes eligible.

Want to know more about our research? Check out our current studies and past publications.

The Laboratory for Infant Studies is a member of the iKids Centre, a group of infant and child development laboratories at the University of Toronto Scarborough. For updates on the iKids Centre, follow us on Facebook.

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