Frequently Asked Questions

Parents tell us all the time how they’re fascinated by how rapidly their babies are changing. Here at the Laboratory for Infant Studies, we’re trying to understand that process and you can help! While most of the advantages of participating in our experiments are indirect, your baby can contribute to our understanding of what happens as infants grow. And, of course, it is fun for parents, providing a special outing and experience for both parents and baby.

Should I make an appointment?
Yes. Just call the Laboratory for Infant Studies at 416-287-7451 or email us at

Do both parents have to come?
No. At least one legal guardian must accompany the baby. However, our walking studies involve the child walking between two people so having two familiar people will make everything run smoother.

Do I get paid?
The majority of our studies are unpaid. However, all participating infants/children will receive a certificate of participation and a toy.

What age range are you looking for?
This depends on which experiments our lab is currently running. Usually, we run studies on children between 8 months to 5 years of age. Check out our current studies here.

Are babies good at this?
Some babies enjoy themselves all the way through. Some are fine at the beginning, but may become tired and fussy later on. Most participants start shy and warm up to the task as the experiment progresses. The child will receive their certificate and toy regardless!

Can I bring along my other children?
Absolutely. We have toys for them to play with and staff members to watch them. One reason we book by appointments only is to ensure we have adequate staff. Sometimes older siblings like to get involved in encouraging their younger siblings to participate in the study.

Will you tell me whether my baby is normal?
No. Because we are not clinicians, we are not qualified to do that. We are not evaluating babies in any way. We are only interested in seeing how babies behave in certain situations.

Will it be exciting to watch?
Probably not. Science in real life moves more slowly than it does in films, but it is interesting and we promise you won’t be bored.

Where do I park?
Parking is free for you in a large lot (Lot E) near the N’sheemaehn Child Care Centre. We will give you detailed directions when we make your appointment. You can also find more information on our website here and here. Parking Lot E is about a 3-5 minute walk to our lab, so you should bring a stroller for your convenience.

How long does it take?
This depends on the study. When we invite you to our studies, we will let you know how long the study takes on average. Most of our studies are between 30 minutes to 1 hour long for the entire visit.

What’s the best time of the day to come?
In our experience, babies respond best in the morning to early afternoon. However, you know your baby better than we do, if you think a different time is better, just let us know. Of course, school-age children are more limited by their school schedules. We will book a time that works for everyone.