Student Opportunities


(HLTA91H3) A Healthy Campus for Students: Prioritizing Mental Health in association with the Department of Health & Society 

The Healthy Campus Initiative has launched a new UTSC course (HLTA91H3 - A Healthy Campus for Students: Prioritizing Mental Health) housed in the Department of Health & Society. This course will be offered as a first iteration to students for the summer 2022 (Y) term. This course promotes a healthy campus by equipping students with practical knowledge, theoretical frameworks, and experiential learning activities to prioritize their mental and physical health. The administration of this course will take an inter-disciplinary teaching approach, drawing on a combination of studying scientific literature (peer-reviewed studies, established theories of well-being) and engaging in practical approaches (introspection, mindfulness practice, physical activity) to prepare students to succeed in their academic journies.

UCheck Ambassador Program

The Healthy Campus Initiative funds the UCheck Ambassador program. The UCheck Ambassador Program is a friendly and educative way to remind members of our community to complete their UCheck health screening each day they are on campus. The program, which began in October 2021, allows UCheck Ambassadors to visit high-traffic locations across U of T campuses. These trained ambassadors will ask individuals approaching a building entrance or space if they have completed their health screening in UCheck. If an ambassador greets you, you will be asked to flash your completed UCheck green screen or show your completed paper form.


The program focuses on reaching high-traffic environments and does not replace existing UCheck entrance check-ins that occur at some locations across our campuses. In addition to promoting the habit of daily self-assessments, the program intends to encourage a culture of support for those staying home — even with mild symptoms.


Students also can enter in our "Draw to win an iPad"! At the end of every Ambassador term, the names of each student participant is put into a draw and selected at random. The UCheck Ambassador Program also awards $25 in TBucks to winners! Be sure to enter your name for your chance to win some of these fantastic prizes!


Work-Study Program

The Healthy Campus Initiative provides work-study opportunities to motivated undergraduate students interested in helping to create a healthy campus. 

“The Healthy Campus initiative has given me a chance to get a better look at how health can be implemented within institutions. As a health policy student, it gives me an opportunity to experience health promotion in action, beyond my textbooks.”- Easha (Second year work-study student)

You can also expect to catch us tabling at the many health-promoting fairs on campus! See our Events tab for more information!