Healthy Campus Pillars Overview


The Healthy Campus Initiative is committed to endorsing diversity and promoting wellness on campus, particularly within six domains, which we consider essential pillars of a healthy campus. 

Arts & Culture: Engaging in arts, social activities, and interaction within our communities can help us foster healthy lives. 

Food & Nutrition: Nutrition impacts our physical and mental well-being, and to sustain a healthy lifestyle, we must ensure to have a balanced diet. 

Mental Health: Mental wellbeing contributes a significant portion to our overall health. Being in a positive mindset and being aware of how to maintain and protect our mental wellbeing is essential to keeping up good health.

Physical Activity: Physical activity, including regular exercise and body movement, contributes to our overall health. Ensuring daily movement and encouraging the up-keeping of physical activity is integral to a healthy lifestyle.

Equity & Diversity: Equity and Diversity are fundamental values in ensuring a healthy institutional culture. The full potential and wellbeing of students, staff, and faculty can thrive only in an environment that embraces the just treatment of its community and encourages the free expression of diverse perspectives. 

Physical Space: Physical space impacts mental wellbeing as it shapes our experiences. It can optimize and initialize mood, social connectedness, and learning. A healthy environment contributes to a healthier life.