CTLB03H3- Introduction to Service Learning (French)

In Winter 2018, the Centre for French and Linguistics will be offering a section (Lecture 2) of CTLB03H3 (Introduction to Service Learning) in French. 


Q: What is a Service-Learning/Community-Engaged Learning and Outreach course?


A: Service learning and outreach provides experiental education opportunities. Read more below!


Service-learning also known as Community-engaged learning is just what it sounds like: learning that engages the community. In practice, this means that in addition to coursework – or completely outside of the classroom – students spend some time getting involved with a local community organization and contributing to their efforts. Typically there is also training and reflection so that students get the most out of the experience.  

Academic community-engaged learning

Academic community-engaged learning can be described as a “course-based, credit-bearing educational experience that allows students to (a) participate in an organized service activity that meets identified community needs and (b) reflect on the service activity in such a way as to gain further understanding of course content, a broader appreciation of the discipline, and an enhanced sense of civic responsibility.” Bringle and Hatcher (1995).

(Source: the Centre for Community Partnerships: http://www.studentlife.utoronto.ca/ccp/what-is)


Course Components

There are two (simultaneous) parts to the CTL Service Learning experience:

1. Students enroll in CTLB03 – Introduction to Service Learning, LEC 02 FRENCH

CTLB03 is our 0.5 credit course with two lecture hours per week. In this course, students are familiarized with service learning concepts and key skills to get the most out of their placement. CTLB03 assignments and evaluations include readings, discussions, a research paper or portfolio, and critical self-reflective writing to continually monitor and assess how their service experience enhances their own scholarship.

Click here to see a sample course syllabus.


2. Students complete a Placement

Placements require 5 – 8 hours/week of active involvement with a placement partner (during the 10 – 12 weeks the student is enrolled in the CTLB03 LEC02 FRENCH course).

Students bring concepts taught in the academic classroom to discipline-related organizations within the non-course/off-campus community. These might include area schools, laboratories, NGOs and government departments. Students learn about the current needs of the communities they are serving and the approaches used to meet these needs. By employing academic knowledge in a meaningful context, students become active learners. Through practice, concepts become solidified and students develop a sense of ownership over self-generated knowledge. Students learn to recognize issues, formulate and carry out initiatives and evaluate progress, and thus become more self-reflective learners. Communication and other skills imperative to professional practice are strengthened and students have direct experience with how knowledge is generated and transferred.

Our Service Learning and Outreach program provides experiential education opportunities for students where they are matched with placement opportunities offered by off-campus placements. As part of the experience, students reflect on how their academic knowledge enhances their delivery of service and how that service experience informs their academic understanding.

If you are an organization supervisor with a placement to offer, please contact us:

Corinne Beauquis (beauquis@utsc.utoronto.ca)

Please fill out the proposal form and submit it to:

Corinne Beauquis (beauquis@utsc.utoronto.ca)

Download the Proposal for Service-Learning Placement Opportunity form here.


Recommended Preparation:  Students must have successfully completed FREB01 or equivalent. If you have not previously taken French courses at U of T, you must take the UTSC French Language Self Assessment found here