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Three leaves emerge from three stems off a single branch.

Voice and Resistance

1. Framing Our Own Story: Black Lives Matter in Canada, Then and Now

2. Carceral Violence: Blackness, Borders, and Confinement in Canada

3. Creative Activisms: Arts in the Movement

4. Theorizing Blackness: Considerations Through Time and Space

5. And Beyond: Black Futurities and Possible Ways Forward

  • Black feminist and anti-racist researcher hosted scholars and Educators for Black Lives and educator Janelle Brady and Black Lives Matter-Canada co-founder Sandy Hudson. These virtual teach-in sessions "call for racial justice and an end to anti-Black police," following the waves of anti-Black violence and racism in the spring and summer of 2020 across North America. Inspired by the Scholar Strike in the United States, Scholar Strike Canada remains a site for critical discussions and resistance by scholars and educators in the academy.
  • Against Social Justice and the Limits of Diversity: Or Black People and Freedom" (2018) by Rinaldo Walcott in Toward What Justice? Describing Diverse Dreams of Justice in Education, edited by Eve Tuck and K. Wayne Yang examines understandings and manifestations of justice across the scholarly landscape. Walcott's essay critiques the concepts of diversity and inclusion premised on Black exclusion and anti-Black racism (p.86). 
  • They Said This Would Be Fun: Race, Campus Life, and Growing Up (2020), a memoir by Toronto-based journalist Eternity Martis, chronicles Martis' experiences as a Black woman at Western University in Ontario. Related viewing: Watch Eternity Martis discuss her experience on TVO's The Agenda with Host Nam Kiwanuka.
  • "Because We Know: Toward a Pedagogical Insistence on Black Mattering" (2021) by Wilson K. Okello in the Journal of Effective Teaching in Higher Education explores the intersection of "mattering," as it relates to student development theory and anti-Blackness. For Okello, "to take up Black mattering pedagogically is to dedicate oneself to enlivening the flesh, [which] fully engage the Black body-mind as a living, moving entity deserving humanity" (p.6).
  • Issue 106: Teaching Black Lives Matter (2016) edited by Paula Austin, Erica Cardwell, Christopher Kennedy, & Robyn Spencer in Radical Teacher "brings together a diverse collection of articles exploring educator’s responses, strategies, and stories on how #BlackLivesMatter has informed their teaching practice, the content of their courses, and their personal relationship to colleagues, family, friends, and self" (from the Abstract).