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Building on the work of the members of the Working Circle and resource lists developed by the UTSC Library, the creation of this hub has been led by Marc Proudfoot. Bibliographical materials have been shared by many members of the UTSC community, with particular thanks to Andrew Egan, Dani Kwan-Lafond, Katie Larson, Cam Litchmore, Roxanne Reid, and Karina Vernon. Additional thanks are extended to Aisha Ahmad, Lamia Akbar, Catherine Amara, Maydianne Andrade, Kelly Crawford, Amrith David, Nicola Dove, Tina Doyle, K-Lee Fraser, Sarah Guay, Connie Guberman, Angela Hamilton, Martha Harris, Mark Hunter, Mariana Jardim, members of the Landscape Review Sub-Circle, Cheryl Lepard, Ann MacDonald, Juanita Muise, Elizabeth O'Brien, Laura Risk, Nadia Rosemond, Jasjit Sangha, Zohreh Shahbazi, Katherine Shwetz, Nirusha Thavarajah, and Kimberley Tull. They provided invaluable feedback during the editing process.