UTSC Library Resources

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The University of Toronto Scarborough Library is an excellent place to begin or continue your search for materials referenced in this hub, including a well-developed Library Tutorial section. Research guides are developed by departmental liaison librarians to provide resource recommendations for particular disciplines and courses to support research and teaching. View a list of Faculty liaison librarians at UTSC

The UTSC Library has also created reading lists and resources connected to the curriculum review and related topics:

The UTSC Library is a reservoir of knowledge and continues to develop and showcase new materials to enhance teaching and learning:

  • The Collections Showcase was developed by The BRIDGE as a partnership between the Department of Management and the UTSC Library and features a variety of reading and resource lists exploring the connections between equity, diversity and inclusion and the world of business and finance. 
  • Case Studies with diverse personas Developed by Academic Librarian Mariana Jardim from The Department of Management, this site contains a series of business case studies examining the social and decision-making dynamics of underrepresented and marginalized groups in the business community.
  • LEARN -- Learning Object Catalogue is a digital resource designed to showcase "pedagogical tools" used in both learning and teaching. Related Reading: "What are Learning Objects?" developed by the Centre for Innovation in Teaching and Learning at Memorial University.