Meet our 2024 DESC(VI) organizing committee!

  • Menilek Beyene
  • Mahendra Doraisami
  • Yasasi (Sula) Fernando
  • Edina Illyes
  • Dale Moskoff
  • Akunne Okoli
  • Nayyer Mirnasl
  • Ratnajit Saha

The committee is supported by Professor George Arhonditsis and Elizabeth Pulickeel.

The first Doctoral Environmental Science Colloquium DESC was held in 2015 and organized by Matt Binnington and David McLagan. Since then, the Doctoral Colloquium has become an annual event in the Department of Physical & Environmental Sciences (DPES) at the University of Toronto Scarborough.

Past DESC organizing committee members:

  • DESC I (2015): Matt Binnington & David McLagan
  • DESC II (2016): David McLagan & Shahrzad Davarpanah Jazi
  • DESC III (2017): Shahrzad Davarpanah Jazi & Brian Pentz
  • DESC IV (2018): Ariola Visha, Brian Pentz, Cindy Yang & Ellen Gute
  • DESC V (2019): Ariola Visha, Cindy Yang, Serra Buchanan, Qianwen Shi & Ellen Gute
  • DESC VI (2020): Serra Buchanan, Tife Awonaike, Lamia Akbar & Qianwen Shi
  • DESC VI (2022): Aisha Javed, Akunne Okoli, Ratnajit Saha & Xia (Alice) Zhu

DPES Ph.D. Students interested in joining the team in the future should please get in touch with anyone on the current organizing team. We look forward to hearing from you!