Abner Agenor

Abner Agenor

French Teacher
York Region District School Board


 In 2014, Abner graduated from University of Toronto at Scarborough in the program of CTEP also known as Concurrent Teacher and Education Program. He received two degrees: Honours Bachelor of Arts with a concentration in French specialists and another in Bachelor of Education." I was fortunate to be part of a great cohort of students in the French department who used to demonstrate their knowledge and skills through various group discussions. I also worked in the French department as a French monitor for a couple of years."

"My experience at the French department was amazing, unforgettable, and rewarding. I had great opportunities to meet some of the best French professors in Canada. They were courteous, supportive, and reliable to meet all the students’ needs in the department. They also assisted me to choose the program that would fit my career ambition. One of the reasons that I enjoyed the French courses at UTSC was the class sizes. They were small enough for the professors to give the students the attention they needed to succeed."

Abner is currently employed as a teacher in a French immersion school by York Region District School Board. "The knowledge and experiences that I obtained at the University have helped me to compete in this ever changing world."