Tiny Houses Project

Pictured (left to right): Miguel Waltoo, Raisa Masud, and Natasha Heselden presenting their research at the 2019 UTSC Research Poster Forum.


What’s Behind the Tiny House Craze?

Do tiny houses offer a solution to the affordable housing crisis in Toronto and beyond? Do they invite new forms of sociality, new ethical and political orientations, and new directions in environmental sustainability? Professor Katie Kilroy-Marac is currently leading a SSHRC-funded project titled “Dwelling in Possibility: Tiny Houses as conduits for material, social, and ethical transformation.” Working with Kilroy- Marac are three talented UTSC students—Raisa Masud, Natasha Heselden, and Miguel Waltoo. The group is conducting ethnographic research related to tiny houses and tiny house communities, and will visit several locations across North America over the next few months.
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