Fellowship in Ethnographic Writing

The Sardinian countryside on a bright summer's day with a small village and low rolling hills

Fellowship in Ethnographic Writing 2024 

The Centre for Ethnography (CE) at the University of Toronto at Scarborough (UTSC) is accepting applications for its annual Fellowship in Ethnographic Writing. Writing is a key component of the work of an anthropologist, but it takes time and benefits from some distance from the fieldwork itself, and from other obligations. In recognition of this fact the CE introduced a Fellowship in Ethnographic Writing in 2010. We are now seeking applications for year 2024. 

Recipients of this award are expected to devote their time fully to writing and may not teach or hold any other post-doctoral appointment or form of employment during the tenure of the award. They are expected to attend all talks and colloquia at the CE, to work several days a week on the UTSC campus, and to contribute a presentation of their work in progress to the colloquium. In addition, CE Fellows must be available to coach students completing an undergraduate writing assignment, in tandem with a professor teaching a core introductory course. This work will be limited to 5 hours in total. 

Applicants should submit their curriculum vita and a statement of no more than 5 double-spaced pages that describes their writing project and outlines both the project’s timeline and precisely what they wish to accomplish during the duration of the Fellowship. Please collate all into a single PDF document and file as ‘LAST NAME_First name_CEF_2024’. 

All applicants must have completed their doctoral fieldwork and have already submitted significant portions of their dissertation to their committee; or have completed their doctoral studies within the past year. Explicit attention to questions of genre, narrative, and audience are welcome but not essential. The current stipend is set at $12,000 for a period of twelve weeks in the Fall term, September – December 2024. 

The Centre for Ethnography Fellowship in Ethnographic Writing is open to applicants who are (or were) enrolled in doctoral programs at Canadian Universities as well as to Canadian citizens studying elsewhere. All applicants must be either in the final stages of completing the doctoral thesis or have received their PhDs within the past year (2023 or later). 

The closing date for this competition is April 5, 2024. Please send all applications, as well as the names of two referees, electronically to the Centre for Ethnography at centreforethnography@utsc.utoronto.ca