My research program applies ecological principles to agricultural landscapes, with particular attention on identifying and developing strategies for environmental services and system resilience.  The Integrative Agroecology Lab investigates practices that improve the efficiency of nutrient cycles, optimize plant-soil interactions, and promote landscape scale services in low-input agriculture and agroforestry systems. Our research approach makes use of a diverse set of technical tools and employs various temporal and spatial scales:  from mechanistic manipulative trials at the rhizosphere scale to large agroecosystem dynamics.

The study of agricultural landscapes also offers a platform to understand human-environment interactions and the environmental resiliency of the agriculture sector, essential to the livelihoods of many rural producers.  I lead an international research program investigating information networks, resource management, innovation in social-agroecological systems.

I am pleased to announce that the Isaac Integrative Agroecology Lab is supported by a Tier 2 Canada Research Chair in Agroecosystems and Development.

Dr. Marney Isaac, Associate Professor, Canada Research Chairm-isaac