The Integrative Agroecology Lab conducts interdisciplinary research on plant strategies and the nutrient economy of agroecosystems. We investigate practices that improve the efficiency of nutrient cycles, optimize plant-soil interactions, and promote landscape scale services in low-input agriculture and agroforestry systems. Our research aims to provide mechanistic insights into the ecological principles that govern the structure and function of biologically complex agroecosystems. To do this, we make use of a diverse set of technical tools and employ various temporal and spatial scales: from manipulative trials at the rhizosphere scale to observations of large agroecosystem dynamics. The Integrative Agroecology Lab also investigates innovation in social-agroecological systems, particularly the role of informal agrarian networks in agroecosystem management.

We recently edited a special issue on Functional Traits in Agroecology in the Journal of Applied Ecology and published a review on Agroecology in Canada in Sustainability – have a look!


Dr. Marney Isaac is an Associate Professor and Canada Research Chair (Agroecosystems and Development – Tier 2). She is an Associate Editor for the Journal of Applied Ecology and Agronomy for Sustainable Development and a Subject Editor for the journal Biotropica.

Marney Isaac holds faculty positions in:m-isaac