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Dr. Marney Isaac – Associate Professor & Canada Research Chair

CV Isaac 2018

Office: EV462 (UTSC), SSH5021 (St. George)
Phone: 416-287-7276, E-mail:


Current lab

Research collaborator

Professor Adam Martin  website


Doctoral students

Kira Borden – PhD candidate, Geography

Root-soil dynamics; Temperate and tropical agroforestry; Subsurface imaging technologies website

Kira Borden

Stephanie Gagliardi – PhD student, Environmental Science

Coffee agroforestry; Functional traits; Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF); Plant strategies


Serra Buchanan – PhD student, Environmental Science

Riparian agroforestry systems; ecosystem services; functional traits; biodiversity metrics






Masters students

Sarah Archibald  – MSc, Geography

Agroecology; Agroforestry; Coffee system; Leaf traits; Pest management


Past visiting researchers and post-doctoral fellows:

Dr. Hanson Nyantakyi-Frimpong, Post-doctoral fellow
Dr. Adam Martin, Post-doctoral fellow
Dr. Adnane Bargaz, post-doctoral fellow
Dr. Luke Anglaaere, Senior Research Scientist, Forestry Research Institute of Ghana

Graduate students – completed

Adam Dickinson, MSc Geography – complete 2017
Laura Bugiel – MSc, ENV (c0-supervised with A Martin) – completed 2016
Brent Coleman – MSc, Geography – completed 2016
Serra Buchanan – MSc, Geography (co-supervised with A Martin) – completed 2016
Joshua Nasielski – MSc, Geography – completed 2014
Surbhi Jain – MSc ENV – (co-supervised with N Klenck) completed 2014
Jun Tan – MSc ENV – completed 2014
Kirstie Cadger – MA, Geography – completed 2014
Stephanie Gagliardi – MSc, Geography -completed 2014
Kira Borden – MSc, Forestry (co-supervised with S Thomas) – completed 2013
Candice Link – MSc, Geography – completed 2013
Jake Munroe – MSc, Geography – completed 2013
Mitalie Makhani MSc ENV – completed 2012
Leslie Campbell – MSc Geography – completed 2012
Katie Tulk  – MSc ENV  -completed 2011
Meighen Whitehead -MSc ENV  – completed 2010
Undergraduate thesis and research assistantships – completed
Luzianne Reid – BSc thesis, IDS Co-op program, 2014
Jun Tan – DPES departmental research award, 2013
Jun Tan – BSc (Environmental Sciences) 4th year research project – 2013
Brandon MacDonald – BSc thesis, IDS Co-op program, 2012
Luzianne Reid – NSERC USRA, 2012
Mitalie Makhani – NSERC USRA, 2011
Ellen Letts – BSc (Environmental Sciences) – 4th year research project – 2011
Nousheen Bastani – BSc (Environmental Sciences) – 4th year research project -2010

Current and past volunteers and work-study students

Tirona, Keane – Centre for Global Change Science summer intern, work study
Mary Shin – Lab research volunteer (CCDS)
Ciani, Astrid – Lab research volunteer (CCDS), work study
Chang, Stephen – Lab research volunteer (CCDS)
Lin, Tian – Lab research volunteer (CCDS) – work study
Dandar, Tim – Lab research volunteer (DPES)
Fernando, Kavindu – Lab research volunteer (DPES)
Esguerra, Maria – Lab research volunteer (DPES)
Estero, Nadine – Lab research volunteer (DPES)
Harrichand, Abigail – Lab research volunteer (DPES)
His, Jason – Lab research volunteer (DPES)
Jeyakanthan, Thanushiya – Lab research volunteer (DPES)
Lui, Maggie – Lab research volunteer (DPES)
Niharosev, Veronika – Lab research volunteer (DPES)
Shifferaw, Gabriel – Lab research volunteer (DPES)
Sultoni, Usman – Lab research volunteer (DPES)
Tarmalingam, Kavithan – Lab research volunteer (DPES) – work study
Wei, Jimmy – Lab research volunteer (DPES)
Wheeler, Amanda-Lynn – Lab research volunteer (DPES)
Jeremy Yip – Lab research volunteer (DPES)

Luzianne Reid – Work-study student 2014-2015
Rhokini Kunanesan – Work-study student 2013-2014
Vasuky Thirugnanasampanthar – research assistant 2012-2013
Shajetha Sabanathan – Work-study student, 2012
Barbara Forbes – Work-study student, 2010-2011
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