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Academic Support Begins With CTL

Welcome to the Centre for Teaching and Learning

The Centre for Teaching and Learning offers an exceptional and extensive range of programming, attracting considerable interest and participation by the UTSC community.
CTL supports UTSC’s Mission in six overlapping ways: 

  1. Supporting instructors in their development as expert teachers;
  2. Facilitating and Supporting a ‘community of practice’ in which dedicated teachers interact, learn and support each other;
  3. Supporting faculty and students with educational technologies, including the WebOption;
  4. Training of Teaching Assistants and Graduate Student Professional Development;
  5. Supporting students as learners to fulfill the intellectual demands of their courses and to move to autonomous life-long learners;
  6. Collaborating with other units to bring our pedagogical perspectives to joint endeavors. 


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Student Support

CTL provides support for STUDENTS

Instructor Support

CTL provides support for TEACHERS

Blackboard & Ed Tech Assistance

Looking for help with Educational Technology?

UTSC Teaching Grants

There are several grant categories: Teaching Enhancement; Software; Equipment; Teaching Assessment; Professional Development; Service Learning.

Teaching Awards

Teaching Awards you may consider

CTL Ambassadors

Meet our Faculty Ambassadors