Interview Ready

Interview Ready: Cultivating Self Presentation Under Pressure

Interview Ready is a 1-hour workshop that introduces you to some common interview questions and prepares you to be successful in your next interview.

Whether you are being considered for a volunteer role, summer job, part-time job or full-time job after graduation, Interview Ready helps you prepare to be confident, relaxed, focused, relevant and interesting.

Do you have only a little time and need just-in time resources? Interview Ready includes a 30-minute online workshop that you can watch at your convenience. You can also view the YouTube videos below that we think provide great advice.

We recommend you view these materials before coming to our 1 hour in-person Interview Ready workshop. Here you will experience relaxation techniques and rehearse your answers to common interview questions. You will also build confidence and sharpen your interview skills by sharing feedback with other students and being coached by our Interview Ready workshop leader. Sign up on for an Interview Ready workshop.


Content of 30-minute online workshop

General goals for 1-to-1 job interviews
Three types of 1-1 interviews and specific goals:

  1. Telephone Interview
  2. Human Resources Interview
  3. Hiring Manager Interview

Process & Preparation
Six Types of Interview Questions

  1. Warm-up questions: Tell me about yourself?
  2. Behavioral questions: Can you give me an example of when you managed conflict?
  3. Hypothetical questions: How would you approach the following situation of conflict?
  4. Self-assessment questions: What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?
  5. Motivational questions: What are your career goals and how do they relate to this position?
  6. Closing questions: What are your salary expectations? Do you have questions for us?

Interview Ethics

Selected Videos

Answering Common Interview Questions
Good Interview Answer to "Tell me about yourself" YouTube Top Pick
Duration: (5:10)

This video describes very clearly what an interviewer is looking for when they ask this question and provides great tips on how to handle what is commonly one of the first and toughest questions in an interview.

Example of a Behavioural Question
Duration: (2:05)

You can always recognize the behavioral question, as it always asks for an example. This home-made animation provides a humorous perspective on how to deliver a great STAR answer "Situation, Task, Action, Result" in which the interviewer is so frustrated with the candidate, he asks her to start again! Her re-take is awesome!

How to Answer Behaviour Based Interview Questions
Duration: (6:19)

Understand why employers ask these questions and what they look for generally. Video also includes a good example of a STAR answer – honest, good story, well presented – and summarizes what was good about it in relation to using the STAR technique.

Shine at a Bain Interview
Duration: (40:34)

Great video that assesses three candidates on how to answer a few tough case questions that get asked in consulting interviews. Bain is one of the top international strategic management consulting firms, so their perspective is a worthy one to consider!

25 Strange And Amusing Interview Questions You Should Be Ready For
Duration: (3:19)

Here are 25 real interview questions, asked by well known employers, to test candidate's creativity, judgement, analytical skills and ability to tolerate stress. These are great examples of odd-ball questions. Although you won’t get them in all interviews, occasionally you’ll get one – so don’t be thrown off!

Common Interview Mistakes
Common interview mistakes from the perspective of employers are summarized in these two short clips.
Interview Mistakes 1: (1:02)

Interview Mistakes 2: (1:02)

The two videos below list from the perspective of employers questions you should NOT ASK as well as those you CAN ASK.
Interview Questions – Dos and Don’ts 1 (1:10)

Interview Questions – Dos and Don’ts 2 (1:09)

Coping with Common Interview Nerves
Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are | Amy Cuddy | TED Talks Duration: (40:34)

This great 20-minute Ted Talk looks at the neuroscience of body language. Though interviewing brings on nerves, there are some concrete techniques we can use to conquer our nerves and make a more confident presentation. Her motto, a more enduring one in contrast to "fake it until you make it," is "fake it until you become it."

Body Language Expert Mark Bowden at TEDxToronto - The Importance Of Being Inauthentic
Duration: (20:50)
User: Mark Bowden - Added: 10/27/13

This humorous Ted Talk dismantles the notion that we should strive for authenticity, especially if authenticity means that we close ourselves off from getting to know others. In a round-about way, Bowden reinforces the importance of “faking” relationship techniques, especially if these will enable us to create a spirit of trust, openness and friendliness.

Job interview body language
Duration: (11:13)
User: - Added: 7/22/11

This video on body language focuses less on the science and more on the practicalities of managing your body language specifically for an interview.

90:10 The Single Most Important Thing You Can Do For Your Stress
Duration: (11:01)
User: DocMikeEvans - Added: 6/9/12

What's more stressful than an interview? Not many things. Make this 11-minute investment to hear U of T's own Dr. Mike Evans discuss our body under stress and tell us what research science suggests we can do to manage our stress.