Choosing Your Program

Many people think picking a major and picking a career are the same thing or that the program(s) they pick now will determine their lifelong careers. Although program selection does require careful consideration, it’s important to remember that:

  • 20-50% of all students entering university are undecided about their majors
  • 50-70% of students change their majors at least once during their studies
  • most individuals will change their positions and careers 6-7 times over a lifetime

Consider these factors when choosing your academic program

What are you interested in? Studying subjects of interest to you means you will be more likely to enjoy your time at university, be more focused in your learning and potentially achieve higher marks.

Where do your strengths lie? Assess your strengths and understand the skills and abilities required by various programs. Choosing a program that aligns with your strengths will increase your likelihood of academic success.

What courses have you done well in? Assess which courses you did well in for high school and university, and look at programs in those subject areas.

Is enrolment in the program limited? Enrolment in some programs is limited and you have to meet standards to gain admittance. Refer to the UTSC Calendar for prerequisites and grade requirements.

Is a Co-op or Joint Program right for me? U of T offers a range of co-op programs that enable you to gain on-the-job experience while studying. Joint programs enable you to earn a U of T degree and a diploma or certificate from Centennial College. These programs have specific requirements, so be sure to visit the links above for more information.

What career opportunities are available with this program? Assess your skills, interests and values by taking advantage of the Academic Advising & Career Centre (AA&CC) services and resources to find career options that are right for you.

Degree and Program Planning

To help you with you Degree and Program Planning, the Academic Advising & Career Centre have created a collection of resources and events that will guide you to your path to graduation. Visit the links below for more information about programs offered and their requirements:

I'm ready to add my program(s). What are my next steps?

The Registrar's Office website has more information about adding or changing programs on ACORN and tracking your progress Degree Explorer. The Calendar details important regulations concering program selection, limited versus unlimited programs, and co-op and join programs.

  • To view an a demo on how to add your program on ACORN, click here and scroll down to Program Enrolment. Remember to select UTSC as your campus.

What Can I do with my Degree?

The program(s) you choose will help you build skills that are transferable to many different occupations and industries. Our Career Options by Program tipsheets are a great resource to help you identify some possible career opportunities related to programs of study.

Employers generally look for students who are well-rounded, so make sure you get involved and build on your transferable skills. Consider getting a volunteer position or join a student club. Also, be sure to participate in AA&CC services and events to learn more about what employers, graduate studies and professional schools are looking for.

Choosing Your Program Month

The Academic Advising & Career Centre holds Choosing Your Program Month each year in March. This series of events is designed to assist you in choosing or changing your program of study.

Additional resources to help you choose a program