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Contact Information

      Department of Biological Sciences
      University of Toronto Scarborough
      1265 Military Trail
      Toronto, Ontario, Canada; M1C 1A4
      M1C 1A4

Joining the lab...

Weir Lab opportunities (details here).

The Labs Academic Family Line

The Weir Lab PhD line follows: In the beginning (year 1585) there was a brilliant chap by the name of Galileo Galilei who begat Benedetto Castellir in 1610, who begat Giovanni Borelli in ?, who begat Marcello Malpighi in 1653, who begat Antonio Valsalva in 1687, who begat Giovanni Morgagni in 1701, who begat Antonio Scarpa in 1770, who begat Ignaz Dollinger in 1794, who begat Andreas Roschlaub in 1795, who begat Louis Agassiz (a lifelong opposer of Charles Darwin!) in 1830, who begat David Jordan (a supporter of Darwin) in 1873, who begat Charles Gilbert in 1883, who begat Joseph Grinnell in 1913, who begat Ian Mctaggart-Cowan in 1935, who begat Peter Grant in 1964, who begat Dolph Schluter in 1983, who begat Jason Weir in 2007, who begat (see below)...

Principal Investigator

   Jason T. Weir

      Professor (University of Toronto)

      Research Associate (Royal Ontario Museum, Department of Ornithology)

      Email: jason.weir [at] utoronto.ca
      Curriculum Vitae (updated Sept 2017)

Current Post Docs

   Jordan Bemmels

      Post Doctoral fellow: Biogeography and population genomics of kiwi and flycatchers.


Current Graduate Students

   Sean Anderson

      PhD student: The role of competition and divergent selection in accelerating functional trait evolution.


   Vanessa Luzuriaga

      PhD student: 1) Role of ecological differentiation in acellerating evolution in birds of the Amazon basin. 2) hybridization between the elevational replacing Ramphocelus melanogaster and R. carbo


   Ellen Nikelski

      PhD student: Mitonuclear incompatibilities in Amazonian birds.


   Else Mikkelsen

      PhD student: Whole genome characterization of hybrid speciation in the Golden-crowned Manakin and in skuas.


2021/2022 Undergrad Trainees

   Ardashis Kasjishian

      Butterfly field work in the Greater Toronto Area


   Judy Lam

      Butterfly field work in the Greater Toronto Area


   Sydney Macleod-Asdullah

      Butterfly field work in the Greater Toronto Area


   Zoe Odulinski

      Butterfly field work in the Greater Toronto Area


2020/2021 Undergrad Honour Students

   Jessica Chan

      Mitonuclear introgression in Ramphocelus carbo and R. melanogaster.


   Anna Dvaladzen

      Whole genome assesment of Fst in Ramphocelus carbo and R. melanogaster.


   Amanda Nelson

      Rates of gene flow in autosomes and the z-chromosome in R. carbo and R. melanogaster.


   Yankai Wu

      Mitogenomes in Ramphocelus carbo and R. melanogaster.


2019/2020 Ten Bird Genomes Project

   Ten Bird Genomes Project, 2019/2020

      Ten UTSC undergrad honour students each sequenced, assembled and annotated the genome of a different Canadian bird. People from left to right. Front row: POS1, Adam El-Menini, Arsham Javaherdashti, Yahye Abdi, Amanda Nelson, Abdul Afzal, Shawanah Rahman, Vethushan Ramalingam. Back row: POS1, Else Mikkelsen (Project Coordinator), Jason Weir (Project Principal Investigator), Vernon Fong. Funds for this project were generously supplied by the Office of the Vice-Principal Research, the Department of Biological Sciences, and NSERC.


Past Grad Students

   Aurea Cronemberger

      PhD student: Hybrid zones in Hypoecnemis antbirds.


   Ashley Bramwell

      MSc May, 2019: Phylogeography of North American flycatchers.


   Maya Faccio

      PhD Dec, 2018: Phylogeography of varzea specialists.

      Email: maya.faccio [at] mail.utoronto.ca

   Vanessa Luzuriaga

      MSc August, 2018: Rates of trait evolution in Andean and Amazonian birds.


   Paola Pulido-Santacruz

      PhD December, 2016: Role of extinction in driving latitudinal diversity gradients and the genetic architecture of reproductive isolation in morphologically cryptic avian taxa of Amazonia.

      Email: p.pulidosantacruz [at] mail.utoronto.ca

   Alfredo Barrera

      PhD September 2016: Speciation in Amazonian manakins with a special focus on hybrid speciation in Lepidothix manakins.


   Diogo de Lavareda Medeiros

      PhD August 2016: Phylogeography of Ceratopipra manakins of the Amazon basin.

      Email: d_lavareda [at] hotmail.com

   Adam Lawson

      MSc December, 2013: Climatic niche evolution in birds.

      Email: adam.lawson [at] utoronto.ca