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Opportunities in the Weir Lab

The Weir lab studies biodiversity and we also celebrate diversity of our lab personnel. Diversity contributes intellectual breadth and depth to our lab. The Weir lab promotes a safe place for members of the First Nations, Black, LGBT, and other minority communities and we encourage members of these communities to apply for positions that become available in the lab.

Post-doctoral Fellows

UTSC offers a competative fellowship for prospective Post-doctoral fellows. NSERC postdoctoral fellowships are available to Canadians and the NSERC Graham Bell postdoctoral fellowship is available to both Canadians and international applications. Contanct me for more details.

Graduate Students

Prospectve PhD students should e-mail a CV (including a statement of research interests), an example of academic writing (preferably a publication if a MSc has already been completed), copies of academic transcripts (undergrad and MSc if applicable), and a brief statement of programming experience (in R or other). The Weir lab has been fortunate to have a number of international students join the lab, drawn most from Central and South America where much of our lab's research focus occurs. Many countries in this region offer competative fellowships to study abroad.

Undergraduate opportunities

Undergraduate opportunities include independent research courses (BIOB98 and BIOD98). Interested UTSC students should have a strong academic transcript (generally an "-A" average) and have an interest in genetics, ecology or evolution. BIOD98 students must apply in August and September of the year of study. BIOB98 students may apply just prior to each semester.

Volunteer opportunities

We are not able to accommodate volunteers in the lab at this time.