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Izmaylov Research Group

Izmaylov Research Group

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Undergraduate Students

Graduate Students

Summarize your research experience, provide your CV and unofficial transcript.

A formal application to Graduate Admissions of UofT Chemistry Department will also have to be made,  see their requirements for domestic / international students.

Summer research projects available for domestic NSERC USRA students, CQIQC undergraduate summer students, CHMD90/91 UTSC students, and CHM499Y / PHY479Y downtown students.

International students should check the Mitacs Globalink program for available projects in our group.

The Izmaylov Research Group is always happy to consider applications for research positions. If you are interested in joining our group please send your application materials to Professor Izmaylov. 


We have openings in the areas of quantum computing and quantum dynamics. Provide your CV and summary of ideas you would like to work on.

Check out the following funding opportunities: CQIQC, NSERC, Banting, etc.