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Annual Review of Physical Chemistry (v. 1–)

Canadian Journal of Chemistry (v. 29–)

Canadian Journal of Physics (v. 29–)

Chemical Communications (1967–)

Chemical Physics (v. 1– )

Chemical Physics Letters (v. 1– )

Chemical Reviews (v. 1–)

Collection of Czechoslovak Chemical Communications (v. 56–)

Communications in Mathematical Physics (v. 1–)

European Physical Journal B (v. 1–)

European Physical Journal D (v. 1–)

International Journal of Modern Physics B (v. 14–)

International Journal of Quantum Chemistry (v. 1–)

Journal of the American Chemical Society (v. 1–)

Journal of the Chemical Society (v. 68–85)

Journal of Chemical Physics (v. 1–)

Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation (v. 1–)

Journal of Computational Chemistry (v. 1–)

Journal of Mathematical Physics (v. 1–)

Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy (v. 1–)

Journal of Molecular Structure (v. 1–)

Journal of Molecular Structure (THEOCHEM) (v. 76–)

Journal of Physical Chemistry (v. 1–100)

Journal of Physical Chemistry A (v. 1–)

Journal of Physical Chemistry B (v. 1–)

Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and General (v. 1–)

Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics (v. 1–)

Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter (v. 1–)

Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids (v. 56–)

Journal of Theoretical and Computational Chemistry (v. 1–)

Mathematical Models and Methods in Applied Sciences (v. 9–)

Molecular Physics (v. 1–)

Nature (v. 325–)

Physica Status Solidi (v. 1–)

Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics (v. 1–)

Physical Review A (v. 1–)

Physical Review B (v. 1–)

Physical Review Letters (v. 1–)

Physics Letters A (v. 24–)

Physics Letters B (v. 24–)

Proceedings of the Royal Society of London (v. 7–75)

Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, Series A (v. 76–146);
   continued (v. 147–429)

Proceedings: Mathematical and Physical Sciences (v. 430–451)

Proceedings: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA (v. 1–)

Reviews of Modern Physics (v. 1–)

Science (v. 1–326)

Science (latest issues)

Solid State Communications (v. 1–)

Surface Science (v. 1–)

Theoretical Chemistry Accounts / Theoretica Chimica Acta (v. 1–)

Zeitschrift für Physik A (v. 1–359)

Zeitschrift für Physik B (v. 1–104)


Computational Chemistry