Office 365 Migration Project


Pre-migration Checklist

Office 365 is coming to U of T Scarborough! Before we can get your account switched over, there are some housekeeping items to take care of ahead of time. Completing this checklist in advance will made your migration smooth and seamless.

  • Verify your UTORid credentials
    Make sure your account is healthy before you migrate by entering your UTORid and password at:
  • Don’t make major changes to your inbox
    Once you receive notification of your account migration, avoid major inbox changes such as moving, renaming or deleting folders until your migration is complete.
  • Junk email & deleted items
    Clear out your junk email and deleted items folders.
  • Inbox rules
    Back up any inbox rules set up on your account.
  • Shared calendars & account delegation
    Make a note of any individuals who shared access to your calendar as well as if you have account delegation set up.
  • Bookings and shared resources
    Make a note of your access to booking calendars and shared resources.