Office 365 Migration Project


Post-migration Checklist

Congratulations! You have joined the thousands of U of T staff, faculty and students who are now on the exciting new Office 365 service! in order to make sure everything was migrated over properly, we have a small list of items that can be checked after your account has been migrated.

  • Log in and check your email & calendar
    Log in to your new UTMail+ account! Visit and enter your UTORid account credentials. Your mail and calendar entries should be accessible
  • Don’t make major changes to your inbox
    Once you receive notification of your account migration, avoid major inbox changes such as moving, renaming or deleting folders until your migration is complete.
  • Check your Signature
    Make sure your signature is setup on your account
  • Update your Preferred Display Name
    To update your preferred display name for UTMail+, visit

We’ll also have a migration team on site after the migration. They can assist with checking the following items:

  • Checking your Outlook/email Client
    We’ll help check your email client to make sure your new UTMail+ account is setup correctly and your mail settings are configured properly
  • Re-attach Offline mail files
    We’ll check that you still have access to any offline mail files/folders you had setup on your email client
  • Import Inbox Rules
    We’ll help with importing any Inbox rules you had previously setup
  • Configure Mobile Devices
    We can also assist if you would like assistance configuring any of your mobile devices with your new UTMail+ account.