The Print Hub


You'll find something truly special at the heart of UTSC's bustling campus – the Print Hub. We've been a part of this incredible journey for more than 40 years, striving to be a true friends to fellow students, professors, and staff. And guess what? As we enter this new phase, we’re thrilled to announce the start of a whole new chapter in our story.

As this exciting phase unfolds, we're reaching out for new friendships, crafting services that truly serve you, and spreading positive vibes. We're here to walk alongside you on your journey to bring your dreams to life.

You can find us in SW 204 or

About us

Monday - Friday 

8:45am - 4:30pm


We are located in the Science Wing (SW 204).


entrance of the print hub

Our Mission Statement

We understand that success is a collective journey, and we're here to walk alongside you, supporting your aspirations as we work toward our own. Your achievements fuel ours, and together, we pave the way for shared success.

Placing an Order

Orders are accepted via the website. Select your type of print request (wide format printing, copy & print, or graphic design), fill in the details, attach your files, and submit. You will receive an automatic reply with your print details.


Types of files accepted

We recommend using PDF files. Please ensure your files are converted or they will not upload. If you need help, please email us at



If you are staff/Faculty and your job is to be billed to your department, please provide your F.I.S numbers. All other requests can be paid via debit, Visa, or T-card. Once you submit the job request and have entered “external” we will message you with your price total. Once we receive payment we will print your jobs.


Preparing your files for print

- File resolution/Images must be no less than 300dpi (we do accept smaller but be aware that quality will be affected).

- All PDF files must be prepared in CMYK, and all JPG files must be prepared in RGB.

- Ensure a minimum of 1/8” (0.3175cm) margin from the edge of the page or text will be cut off.

- Any file with color/image to the edge of the page will need to have a minimum of 1/8” bleed to avoid white borders.


If you require assistance in preparing your file for print, please contact us at We will do our best to walk you through any issue you may be experiencing.