Inspiring Inclusive Excellence: A Strategic Vision for the University of Toronto Scarborough (2020-2025)

It is with great pleasure that I share with you the news that Inspiring Inclusive Excellence: A Strategic Vision for the University of Toronto Scarborough (2020-2025) has now passed all stages of the governance process and has been approved as the official guiding document for our campus. Thank you all for your contributions to making this possible.


The plan establishes our collective vision and purpose, as well as our goals and strategic priorities for the years ahead. It guides our decisions and actions, and creates a framework for resource allocation across the University of Toronto Scarborough campus. It is a living document that is robust and adaptable, thereby giving us the focus, direction and flexibility needed to realize our goals of transformative learning, scholarly prominence, inclusive citizenship, and reciprocal local and global engagement.  


But most importantly, it encapsulates your hard work and your collective aspirations. It is also a testament of your commitment to one another - as students, faculty, staff, alumni, and partners - in support of our shared values and mission. More than 1,100 of you provided direct input into the creation of this plan over a period of close to a year. I am deeply grateful for this truly collaborative endeavor to make this campus the embodiment of inclusive excellence, a bold community of conscientious and adaptable global leaders in scholarship, innovation, teaching and learning, who constructively disrupt the status quo, connect the world, and advance transformative change for the good of all.


I encourage you to read the plan and to play your part in advancing our academic mission and making inclusive excellence a reality in every aspect of what we do on this campus. I commit to playing mine.


I look forward to hearing your thoughts and questions as we move toward implementation of the plan, so please do let me know what you think at


Wisdom J. Tettey, PhD, FGA

Vice-President, University of Toronto

Principal, University of Toronto Scarborough


 If you have any questions about anything you see here or about the strategic planning process, please contact us at