The Group

Heinz-Bernhard Kraatz (PI)

bernieHeinz-Bernhard Kraatz studied at the Heinrich-Heine Universität Düsseldorf and the University of Kent at Canterbury, he received his Ph.D. in 1993 from the University of Calgary and carried out postdoctoral work in organometallic chemistry at the University of Maryland, College Park, and the Weizmann Institute of Science. He worked as an assistant Research Officer at the Steacie Institute of Science, Ottawa. In 1998, he joined the Department of Chemistry at The University of Saskatchewan and was appointed full professor in 2007. He was awarded 2006 CSC Award for Pure or Applied Inorganic Chemistry, 2001 Petro-Canada Young Innovator Award and Canada Research Chair in Biomaterials. In 2007 he moved to The University of Western Ontario.In 2007 he moved to The University of Western Ontario where he recieved Florence Bucke Science Price, Faculty Scholar Award and was a Distinguished Research Professor. In 2011, he accepted a professorship at the University of Toronto.

Department of Physical and Environmental Sciences, University of Toronto at Scarborough 
Office: SW647 –> Phone: (416) 287-7197 (office)–> Email:

Group Members

Graduate Students

Maryam Abdinejad
PhD Candidate
E-mail: Maryam Abdinejad
Porphyrin Derivatives
Maryam is a Ph.D. student with a specialization in synthesis of organic and bio-organic molecules with various applications (e.g., capturing CO2 as a current research). She completed her first MSc. in pharmaceutical science in the UK under the supervision of Prof. Andrew Mendham and John Spencer, and her second MSc. in molecular science and organic chemistry, supervised by Prof. Bryan Koivisto. Her hobbies include playing music and riding her motorcycle.


syed200Syed Ahmad
PhD Candidate
E-mail: Syed Ahmad

Multiplex Kinase Detection

His interests lie in development of electrochemical biosensor for clinical applications. Following his BSc in Biochemistry he obtained a MSc in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Saskatchewan. His PhD focuses on a multiplex kinase detection chip. His hobbies include spending time with family, playing chess, doing math puzzles, and occasional sports.


NatashyaNatashya Falcone
PhD Candidate
E-mail: Natashya Falcone
Peptide Hydrogels

Natashya completed a double major in biological chemistry and molecular biology at U of T. She is currently working towards her PhD which entails synthesizing novel bio-conjugates including peptide gel materials for biomedical and environmental engineering applications. During her free time she enjoys hiking and swimming.


George Said

PhD Candidate
E-mail: George Said
Enzyme Biosensor

George has joined the Kraatz group after completing his B.Sc. in Chemistry and Biochemistry (2003), M.Sc. in Analytical Chemistry (2007) and MPHIL in Electrochemistry and Molecular Biology (2012). With a background in Electrochemistry, Analytical Chemistry and Molecular Biology, George is working on developing biosensors for various applications. When not in the lab, George enjoys spending time with his friends, cooking, cycling, and playing soccer.


Tsuimy Shao

MSc Student
E-mail: Tsuimy Shao
Investigating Supramolecular Gels and Prebiotic Life

Tsuimy completed her undergraduate studies with a double major in biochemistry and molecular biology. She has now joined the Kraatz lab she is working on the synthesis of different chiralities of peptide hydrogels and their interactions with metals for the investigation of prebiotic life. During her free time, she enjoys reading and baking.



Undergraduate Students

Roomina Rashid

E-mail: Roomina Rashid

Roomina is currently a fourth year undergraduate student, pursuing a double majors in biochemistry and immunology. During her spare time she enjoys watching documentaries, crocheting, baking and spending time with family.



Postdoctoral Research Fellow

M. Nur Hossain


Nur completed his undergraduate and master’s studies in Chemistry and Physical Chemistry from the University of Chittagong in Bangladesh, respectively, where his research was focused on molecular interactions on liquid-liquid systems. He earned his Ph.D. in Chemistry & Materials Science from Lakehead University, Canada. His doctoral research work was focused on the electrochemical reduction of carbon dioxide on nanostructured catalysts. He has worked at the University of Guelph as a Postdoctoral Researcher from Feb. 2018 to Dec. 2018 and developed novel nanostructured materials for energy and environmental applications. Nur is a recipient of the Ontario Trillium Scholarship, Graduate Studies Research Excellence Award from Lakehead University, Bangladesh Merit Scholarship and Award of Excellence from the University of Chittagong for an outstanding Bachelor Result. He is currently working on the development of electrochemical biosensors for the detection of protein biomarkers and is keen to develop DNA biosensors for the detection of bacteria in water samples. During his free time he enjoys watching documentaries and movies. Playing guitar and photography are his hobbies.


Visiting Scholars

Daniela Escher


Daniela obtained her MSc from the University of Muenster, Germany. In 2017, she started her PhD in the field of bioinorganic chemistry focusing on the synthesis of artificial nucleases and their incorporation into DNA to study metal-mediated base pairs.




Xiaoyan Li


Xiaoyan Li completed her master’s study in analytical chemistry from Nanjing Tech University. In 2017, she started her PhD in School of Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Engineering,Nanjing Tech University. Her academic research focused on the fabrication of biosensors based on functional nanomaterials.






Undergraduate Students:

Jebril Syed 2018
Xuedan Yuan 2017 (
Sizhi Wang 2017 (
Kejia Sun 2017 (
Maegan Sweeney 2017 (
Khaleel Rasheed 2017 (
Tianxiao Ma 2017, Master student at UBC (
Boyuan Deng 2017, Master student at UTSC (
Susannah M. Tran
Evangeline Tsagarakis
Wenxia Zhou 2016 Undergradate student Chemistry Master student at Queens University(
Ishwar Singh 2016 Undergradate student (
Theodore Udaipaul 2016 Undergradate student (
Faizan Syed 2016 Undergradate student at Apotex (
Faraz Hussain 2016 Undergradate student (
Charanpreet Singh 2015 Undergradate student (
Ralph Villar 2015 Undergradate student (
Ran Li 2014  Undergradate student (
Zakiyya Ingar 2012 Undergradate student (
Jared Pautler 2010 Undergraduate Student, UWO (
Meghan Schlitt 2010 Undergraduate Student, UWO (
Matthew Lafreniere 2010 Undergraduate Student, UWO (
Chantal Druzina 2010 (
Kevin Venus 2010 (
Andrew Priegert 2010 (
Sasha Campbell 2009 Summer Student
Kirsten Tomlin 2008 Undergraduate Student, UWO (
Erin Morgan(Honorus) 2008 B.Sc.
Demyan Prokopchuk 2007 Undergraduate Student, U of S
Marek Majewski Jr. 2006 Undergraduate Student – U of S (
Ainge Y. C. Chang 2007 ICE Exchange STudent, UBC
Amy Walsh 2006 ICE exchange Student – U.B.C. (
Nancy Bawa 2005 U of S Student (
Edyta Sieminska 2004 B. Sc. – M.Sc. at University of Alberta(
Cory Heinricks (Honours) 2003 B. Sc. – Pilot Plant, University of Saskatchewan
Jonathan Sherman (Honours) 2002 B. Sc.
Kevin Plumb 2001 B. Sc. – CREO
James Inkster (Honours) 1999 B. Sc.
Andreas Pletsch (exchange student) 9/1999 – 5/2000 – BASF Ludwigshafen (
Deirdre Gormley (summer student) 5/1999 – 8/1999 The Dial Corporation (

Graduate Students:

Soha Ahmadi 2019 Ph.D, (

Annaleizle Ferranco 2018 Ph.D, Eurofins-Alphora,

Kaveh Amini 2016 Ph.D. (
Chandrika Vijayaratnam 2014 M.Sc-Chemist, Apotex (
Rachel Keunen 2014 M.Sc.,Ph.D. canadiate Department of Chemistry, University of Toronto (
Olga Kvak
Angela Lin 2014 M.Sc.,QA chemist, Digital Specialty Chemicals (
Rouzbeh Afrasiabi
Farkondeh Fathi 2013 PhD, Assistant professor at Mount Allison University
Mohtashim H. Shamsi -2012 PhD, Assistant Professor, Southern Illinois University
Craig Colquhoun– 2012 M.Sc.
Nazmul Alam -2011 M.Sc. (
Mervt Almostafa-2011 M.Sc. (
Yunying Shen– 2011 M.Sc. (
Sowole Modupeola– 2011 M.Sc. – Ph. D. candidate at UWO (
Anas Lataifeh 2011 PhD – Lecturer, Tafila Technical University, Jordan (
Makoto Ogawa 2010 PhD – Research Scientist. Japan (
Guocheng Han 2010 Visting Student from Chine – PhD student (
Haifeng Song 2010 PhD – Director at A&L Canada Laboratories Inc. in Yunnan, China (
Lanya Cheng2009 Visiting Student from China – PhD Student (
Armando Marenco 2009 M.Sc. – Defense Research Scientist DRD Canada/PhD student UofC( – M.Sc. Thesis
Yizhi Xiao 2009 M.Sc. – Technical Stuff UWO Engineering (
Mark Milne 2008 M.Sc. – PhD Student UWO (
Nina Hüsken 2008 Visiting Student, Ph.D. student at Ruhr-Universität Bochum (
Amir Kavianpour 2007 M.Sc. (
Grzegorz Orlowski 2007 Ph.D. -Senior Scientist, TwistDx Ltd, Cambridge UK (
Francis Appoch 2006 PhD, Dip Ed. Director, Analytical Testing Services (LUCAS, LUIL, P-DNA) Lakehead University, Thunder Bay (
Himadri Mandal 2007 Ph.D. – Research Scientist at Blackrock Microsystems (
Khaled Mahmoud 2007 Ph.D. – Senior Scientist, Qatar Environment and Energy Research Institute
Abdul Kader Khan M.Sc. 2007, Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Montreal (
Somenath Chowdhury 2007, Ph. D. – Principal Scientist at Melinta Therapeutcis
Yingshen Lu 2004 M. Sc. – Phenomenome Discoveries Inc.
Iyengar Vineeth 9/2000 – 8/2003l
Dushmanthi Jayasinghe 2003 M. Sc. – Phenomenome Discoveries Inc. (
Irene Bediako-Amoa 2003 M. Sc. – Technician, University of Saskatchewan
Kade Yao 2003 M. Sc. 2003 Ph.D. – Washington State University (
Xia Wang 11/2000-10/2002
Pat Galka 2002 M. Sc. – Technical Officer NRC-PBI (
Marek Galka 2002 M. Sc. – Postdoctoral Fellow, UWO
Pete Saweczko 2001 M. Sc.


Postdoctoral research fellow:

Zhe She – Assistant Professor, Queens University

Ajar Kamal 2018 Postdoctoral Fellow

Renu Sharma 2018 Postdoctoral Fellow

Shibaji Basak 01/2016-09/2017 – Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Trento, Italy (
Iraklii Ebralidze 07/2014-03/2016 – Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Canada (
Ryan Love 09/2012-09/2014 – Defence Scientist, DRDC, Toronto (
Bimalendu Adhikari 09/2012-05/2015 – JSPS Postdoctoral Gellow, Chiba University, Japan (
Sanela Martic 2009-2012- Assistant Professor, Oakland University, US
Nan Wang 03/2013-08/2014 –Assistant Professor, Beijing Institute of Technology, China (
Mahmoud Labib 01/2010-04/2011 – Research Associate, University of Toronto, Canada
Piotr Diakowski 01/2008-12/2010 – Postdoctoral researcher, CSIRO Process Science and Engineering
Patrick O. Shipman 12/2010 – Postdoctoral Fellow, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Raheleh Partovi Nia 12/2010 – The University of Western Ontario
Briza Pérez López 2009 M.Sc. – Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow from Spain (
Chentelle Davidson 09/2009
Xiaomin Bin 06/2009 – Research Associate at University of Toronto (
Kagan Kerman 08/2008 – Assistant Professor at University of Toronto (
Thara Vasanth 2007 – Research Associate, Universitat Bochum
Xiaohong Li 09/2006 – Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Beijing Normal University (
Yitao Long 03/2006 – Professor at East China University of Science and Technology (
Donald Thomas 04/2005 – 04/2006 – Scientific Officer, NMR Facility, UNSW Sydney, Australia (
Erfan Abu Irhayem 09/2005 – Saudi Aramco Oil Company (
Yinglin Zhou 09/2004 – 10/2005 – Professor at Peking University Beijing National Laboratory for Molecular Sciences (BNLMS), MOE Key Laboratory of Bioorganic Chemistry and Molecular Engineering, College of Chemistry, Peking University, Beijing 100871, China (
Subrata K. Dey 2004 – Lecturer, Bankura Sammilani College, University of Burdwan (
Todd Sutherland 09/2004 – Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, University of Calgary (
Younian Liu 04/2004 – Professor of Chemistry, College of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering, Central South University (
Samuel Gyepi-Garbrah 04/2003 – 07/2003 – Reactor Safety Assessment Specialist, Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (
Chenzhong Li 09/2001 – 12/2003 – Professor, Florida International University (
Yiming Xu 09/2000 – 06/2001 – PdF Protein-specific Biosensors at Queens University
M’hamed Chahma 08/2000 – 03/2002 – Associate Professor, Laurentian University (
Sanjukta Aich 5/1998 – 10/1998 – Research Associate, Dept. of Biochemistry, University of Saskatchewan (

Visiting Scholars:

Zuoan Xiao 08/2018-03/2019 – Lecturer at Hubei University of Arts and Science

Dan Zhan 08/2018-03/2019 – Professor at Hubei University of Arts and Science

Yongjin Zou  08/2017-08/2018 – Associate Professor, Guilin University of Electronic Technology, China

Xuefang Gu 09/2016-09/2017 – Associate Professor, Nantong University, China (
Jens Christian Léon 09/2016-06/2017 – PhD candidate, Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität in Münster, Germany (
Stephan Schiefelbein 06/2016-08/2017 – PhD candidate, Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität in Münster, Germany (
Bin Dong 09/1014-09/2015-Associate Professor, University of Science and Technology Beijing (
Cuili Xiang 05/2013-04/2014 –Associate Professor, Guilin University of Electronic Technology China (
Yonxin Li 09/2012-08/2013 – Assistant Professor, Sichuan University, China (
Hua Zhang 09/2013-08/2015 – PhD candidate, Jilin University, China (