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Quantitative Global Change Ecology

I am always eager to hear from motivated students and postdocs who are keen on working in an interdisciplinary environment to address ecological impacts of global change. The challenges of global change ecology do not conform to disciplinary boundaries, so I strive to provide a research environment where students with varying backgrounds can support each other with their expertise, and where students can catch up on areas where they lack expertise. Our work combines mathematical, statistical and computational modelling with ecological and parasitological field work, so I would like to hear from you if:


  • you have a background in ecology, epidemiology, parasitology, or conservation, and are interested in learning and applying quantitative tools in your research; 
  • you have a background in mathematics, statistics, physics, or computer science and are interested in applying your skills to ecological, epidemiological, and conservation questions.


I can advise projects ranging from purely theoretical to the highly applied, but most projects typically combine empirical and computational elements depending on what the research question requires. Projects need not be limited to the biological systems we are currently working on, but should fall under the general umbrella of Quantitative Global Change Ecology.


Prospective Postdoctoral Fellows

If you are interested in working with me, please send me your CV and a 1-2 page statement that outlines your academic background, your research interests, and where you see possible synergies with my work. As funding is a critical consideration, I also encourage you to apply for funding to all possible internal and external sponsors. Contact me to talk science and discuss possibilities.


Graduate Students

If you are interested in applying, please email me to discuss project and funding opportunities. Please include your CV, a copy of your transcripts, and a one-page statement that outlines your academic background and your research interests. External scholarships are not required for admission, but students who have applied to or secured funding from NSERC or other sources may have an advantage. I can advise MSc and PhD students through the Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology or through the Department of Physical & Environmental Sciences, depending on the student’s interests and project fit.


Current Openings

  1. Postdoctoral fellowship: A 2-3 year position for developing dynamic energy budget models and physiologically structured population models for understanding and forecasting the impacts of climate change on polar bears. Work will be carried out in collaboration with Polar Bears International. See details in the pdf below.Postdoc-PolarBearModelling_UTSC
  2. PhD position: Land Use Change Impacts on the Host-Parasite Dynamics of Mammals on the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica.
    This position combines camera trapping and parasitological work with conservation outreach and ecological modelling to understand how changing landscapes are affecting the probability of parasite transmission between various hosts and resultant population health impacts.    
  3. PhD or MSc position: Modelling Climate Change Impacts on Parasitism.
    This position combines the development of new modelling frameworks for forecasting climate change impacts on parasitism with meta-analyses of observed impacts to help understand how climate change is affecting and altering host-parasite interactions around the planet.