At the University of Toronto Scarborough, the Environmental NMR Centre is an innovative, cutting-edge research facility dedicated to environmental research. The facility, which opened in 2004, houses three state-of-the-art NMR spectrometers capable of analyzing solids, solutions, and semi-solids, and imaging capabilities. This includes a novel capability termed Comprehensive Multi-phase (CMP) NMR that permits analysis of all components (solutions, gels and solids) samples in their natural state without pre-treatment. In addition we are lucky enough to have various offline separation and concentration devices, as well as liquid and gas phase mass spectrometers. This provides us with the globally unique capability to study samples in-situ and in-vivo.

Most commercially available instrumentation is not well designed for the study of environmental samples, thus, along with traditional methods, much of the research involves the development of novel approaches and methods with the analytical capabilities to unravel the most complex natural systems from the sea, land and even space.

For more information about research discoveries made using the technology in the Environmental NMR Centre, please see the Research tab, or here.


  • Bruker Ultrashield 500 MHz Avance Solution-State NMR 
  • Bruker Ultrashield 500 MHz Avance Unique comprehensive multiphase capabilities
  • Bruker Ascend 500 MHz Avance III equiped with cryprobes
  • Solids and Image capabilities
  • Aglient HPLC with Bruker Prospekt ACE LC-SPE (NMR coupled)
  • Agilent 1200 Series Rapid Resolution LC System
  • Beckmann Coulter Proteomelab PA 800 CE
  • Automated Sample Preparation System