Outstanding High School Student Science Award (OHSS-SA)

What is the goal of the OHSS-SA?

The goal of OHSS-SA is to expose the best high school students to a research and development environment at the earliest opportunity with the goal to instill excitement and enthusiasm for research as well as to provide them with an award early in their careers, making them more competitive at a national level. In turn this will provide the University of Toronto Scarborough with an opportunity to strengthen ties with local high schools and the private sector.

When and Where ?

On Thursday Sept 28th 2023 the University of Toronto Scarborough, in collaboration with the Bruker Corporation, Synex Medical, and the Ontario government will provide 6 awards to top students entering their grade 11 or grade 12 in Sept 2023.

The 6 winning students will receive the title of Outstanding High School Student – Science Award Winner, be given $250 each, and will spend Thursday September 28th, 2023 at University of Toronto Scarborough where they will be paired up with a graduate student. This day will include a campus tour, lunch, lab demonstrations and the chance to experience a university lecture. This experience will immerse the award winners in a research environment at the environmental NMR center for the day. Senior university officials will present the award to the students.

Who can Apply ?

High school students from Ontario, that are entering grade 11 or 12 in September 2023 are eligible. Students currently in grade 10 but will start grade 11 in September 2023 are eligible. This is because the award is offered every second year and we want every student to have a chance to apply. As part of the award program, the winners are required to visit the University of Toronto Scarborough campus on the award day. We do not restrict the award winners to a specific location in Ontario, but unfortunately, cannot offer any funds to cover travel to and from the campus. As such, traditionally winners have been from the local Scarborough/Durham area. However, if you live elsewhere in Ontario and are willing to cover your own costs to arrive at the campus by 9am and leave around 5pm you are more than welcome to apply. The University of Toronto is committed to fostering equity, diversity and inclusion. Students from all backgrounds, creeds, socio-economic status, abilities, sexual and gender identities are welcome and invited to apply. We strongly encourage applications from Indigenous Peoples, Black and racialized persons, women, persons with disabilities, people of diverse sexual and gender identities, and other traditionally underrepresented groups.


Application Instructions and Documents:

The deadline for applications is April 15th, 2023.

Please note only complete applications can be accepted. Applications must be sent in PDF format. Please combine all components into a single PDF if at all possible. If this cannot be performed, then please make sure all the separate PDF documents are attached to a single e-mail. Please complete all the forms below and please send to ohss.sa.utsc@utoronto.ca

Application components:

OHSS-SA Checklist

Two page photo essay instructions

OHSS-SA consent form

We would our sincerest thanks to our sponsors who make the OHSS-SA possible: Bruker Corporation, Synex Medical, and the University of Toronto Scarborough