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Menilek Beyene

I’m a first year Ecology and Evolutionary Biology PhD student under the supervision of Dr. Marc Cadotte. He is studying urban forest and ecosystem interactions by measuring the health and functioning of trees in urban settings. My field sites are in the Greater Toronto Area across multiple land use categories such as residential areas, commercial zones, industrial areas, and green spaces. My role as one of the New Frontiers Seminar Series Coordinators (NFSS) is to host speakers and esteemed researchers, selected by graduate students, through the series of meetings, workshops and lectures that will be provided to the graduate student body at Scarborough Campus. While working as the NFSS Coordinator for this year I will prioritize communication between Graduate Students’ Association at Scarborough (GSAS) and the graduate student body on events, seminars, new ideas, and ways we can improve the overall experience of the graduate program here at University of Toronto Scarborough. Please contact me for any suggestions as to how we can make this year’s NFSS and GSAS overall better for all students.





Franklin Perez 


I am a first year masters student in the Department of Physical and Environmental Sciences with research interests in environmental contaminants, climate change and human health. I enjoy running, baseball, cycling, watching movies, travelling, trying new food and volunteering. As Vice-President, I will do my best to promote the well-being and overall student life of graduates at UTSC.







Adriano Roberto


I am a first year PhD student in the Department of Physical and Environmental Sciences, working under the supervision of Dr. Marney Isaac and Dr. Scott MacIvor. My research focuses on plant diversity, resource facilitation and food productivity on green roofs. Outside of my research I enjoy watching Netflix, gardening, hiking and rock climbing. As treasurer for GSAS I will ensure that finances are properly recorded and maintained.  







Leah Lee



Hello! My name is Leah and I am an MEnvSc student in the Conservation and Biodiversity stream. I have worked in a variety of provincial and federal jobs and have gained experience in scientific outreach, laboratory skills, and data management. In my spare time, I enjoy painting, reading, playing video games, and being outside (although, not in that order).

I am excited to start this new position at the GSAS, meeting great people, and I am hoping to deliver quality work to ensure everyone is on time!





Social Media Coordinator


Rajshree Ghosh Biswas 


I am a third year PhD student in Chemistry supervised by Dr. Andre Simpson. My research focuses on Comprehensive Multiphase NMR . As the GSAS social media coordinator, I will keep everyone up to date on all the events through our facebook group, instragram, twitter and this website! Feel free to contact me if you need any information on our events!





Graduate Association for Professional Skills (GAPS) Representative 



Jessica Wu


I’m a first year Cell and Systems Biology MSc student, working in Dr. McGowan’s lab on high fat maternal diets in rats. I’ve previously worked on mice to study early embryonic craniofacial development. Outside of academics, I enjoy running, hiking and watching sitcoms on Netflix! As your GAPS representative I will work to plan workshops on professional skills and bring speakers for networking nights and career panels. Please feel free to contact me on any feedback you may have or if you have any questions! 


New Frontier Seminar Series Coordinators (uoft.me/NFSS)



Zoey Zuo


I’m a second-year Masters student in the Psychological Clinical Science program at UTSC, working under the supervision of Drs. Norman Farb & Zindel Segal. My research interests include using machine learning to characterize brain activities during different states of attention and understanding how contemplative practice promotes well-being. I enjoy cooking, traveling, and consuming narratives in any form. I look forward to seeing you at our fun seminar series!





Erico Oliveira Pereira


I am a third-year PhD student in Environmental Sciences in Myrna Simpson’s research group. Currently, I am studying the aquatic toxicology of emerging contaminants on a molecular level. Previously, I worked with the development of low-cost analytical methods for the detection of pesticides. In my free time, I enjoy playing my guitar, exercising, spending time with friends, and reading. As an NFSS coordinator, I am working with our team to bring internationally recognized speakers to talk about the most interesting findings on a variety of topics.


Graduate Student Seminar Series Coordinators  (uoft.me/GSSS)


Amy Jenne


I am entering my fourth year of my PhD in the Andre Simpson lab. In general, I am examining metabolomics of Daphnia magna using in-vivo NMR, but more specifically I am working on method development to elucidate complex systems with the spectrometer. However, my research is only one of my passions. I also am one of the coordinators for Let’s Talk Science on campus because I believe science outreach is incredibly important to the community. When I am not working, I enjoy hiking, travelling to exotic locations, and watching Netflix.






Monica Bastawrous 


I am currently in the foruth year of my Ph.D. with the Dr. Andre Simpson research group. My research focus is to use Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectroscopy to study the impacts of environmental stressors on aquatic organisms at a biochemical level. This involves developing techniques for in vivo monitoring and improving sensitivity for detection of mass limited samples. Outside of research I enjoy travelling, reading, and running! I am very excited to be a part of GSSS as it’s a wonderful opportunity for graduate students to share their research passions.


Social Events Chair



Position to be filled at by-election
If you are interested in being the joining the 2020-21 GSAS Executive Team please email gsas.utsc@utoronto.ca.





Biological Sciences Department Representative


Jeff Chen

I am a first year Masters student in Cell and Systems Biology in the Gonzales-Vigil group. My research is primarily focused on uncovering the biosynthetic pathway of long-chain alkenes in plants. Alkenes can be major components of cuticular waxes, which protect plants from pathogens and drought. Outside of the lab, my interests include volunteering, teaching, painting, and reading. As the Representative for the Biological Sciences Department, I work with GSAS, the Biology Administration, and BIOSA to coordinate events for the Bioscience graduate community.




Environmental Sciences Department Representative




Position to be filled at by-election
If you are interested in being the joining the 2020-21 GSAS Executive Team please email gsas.utsc@utoronto.ca.




Physical and Environmental Sciences Representative



Tiange Yuan


I am a first-year PhD student in Professor Voznyy’s lab. My research topic is clean energy, especially amorphous material in lithium ion batteries. As the new DPES representative, I work closely with DPES administration and GASA’s members. If you have any concern or suggestion for DPES, feel free to contact me. In my spare time, I like to workout, play basketball, and travel.



Psychology Department Representative


Nisma Khan



I am a first year PHD student in Dr. Rutsuko Ito’s lab and my field of study is behavioural neuroscience. I work with adorable rats to explore the involvement of different neural substrates and circuits in approach-avoidance conflict processing. Outside of research, my interests include snowboarding, hiking, tennis, biking, and reading. As this year’s GSAS psychology department representative, I’m looking forward to involving and engaging with my peers through GSAS events to hopefully make this year a bit more enjoyable. 




Social Sciences/Humanities Department Representative



Position to be filled at by-election
If you are interested in being the joining the 2020-21 GSAS Executive Team please email gsas.utsc@utoronto.ca.




Master of Environmental Science Representative


Tineasha Brenot


I am a passionate environmental professional working towards the completion of my MEnvSc degree in the Terrestrial and Aquatic Systems stream. I completed my BSc at Trent University majoring in Biology and a Graduate Certificate in Geographic Information Systems at Algonquin College. I have been working in the conservation field in roles related to Great Lakes and coastal ecology, habitat restoration, reptile and amphibian research and most recently, land assessments for local land trusts. I am currently a part of the Ocean Bridge youth ambassador program that empowers young Canadians to promote ocean conservation and literacy by exploring environmental topics and related service projects. Outside of my academics and career, I love to explore the outdoors through hiking, paddle boarding, and kayaking. I find joy in identifying plants, insects and reptiles and often enthusiastically shout out the name of species I encounter – whether or not my company cares to know. I am looking forward to finding unique ways to get to know my peers during the 2020-2021 school year while learning remotely and welcomes virtual coffee chats with my classmates.



Master of Accounting & Finance Representative



Position to be filled at by-election
If you are interested in being the joining the 2020-21 GSAS Executive Team please email gsas.utsc@utoronto.ca.




Graduate Student Union Representatives


Lisa Labine


I’m a third year Ph.D. student in Chemistry in the M. Simpson Lab where I’m studying aquatic ecotoxicology metabolomics using keystone species Daphnia magna. My undergraduate research was centered around Analytical Chemistry and Toxicology which made the transition to my current research an easy task. As an incumbent in this role, I am familiar with some of the upcoming struggles we may have to face as a student union through the upcoming SCI changes. If you have any questions or concerns you wish to bring forth to the UTGSU, feel free to contact me.



Keuna Jeon


I’m a second year Ph.D. student in Chemistry with Dr. Ruby Sullan where I aim to develop multi-functional nanospheres specific to target oral bacteria or biofilms with antimicrobial agents, drug loading, and photothermal therapy. Outside of the lab I love going on runs, hikes, and playing squash. I’m happy to serve you as a UTGSU representative and address issues to UTGSU so please feel free to contact me!





Sports Representative (uoft.me/GSASsports

This position has been vacated with Erik Dean continuing to fulfil duties in the interim.

Erik Dean 


Getting some exercise is highly beneficial to our cardiovascular, and mental health, and playing sports is a convienent way to get some exercise. As the GSAS sports rep, I will be organizing, registering, and promoting interhouse teams for all grad students to join. I think having interhouse GSAS teams gives us a great opportunity to have fun together, and get to know one another in the process. I’m Erik, by the way, and I’m a second year PhD student in the Drake (Fisheries and Oceans Canada) and Mandrak (UTSC) labs, investigating how populations of the invasive Asian carps will perform in the Great Lakes under a changing climate. I look forward to meeting you in the gym sometime!




Wellness Representative (uoft.me/GSAShealthwellness


Patricia Semcesen


Currently, I’m in the fourth year of my Environmental Sciences PhD. under the supervision of Dr. Mathew Wells and Dr. Roberta Fulthorpe. I am studying the effects of biofilm growth on microplastics settling velocities through laboratory experiments. I have previously studied internal waves and their potential impact on fish habitat in Hamilton Harbour. When not working on my research I often spend my time gardening, trying new foods, running, and reading novels. I represent UTSC graduate students in Health and Wellness Advisory committee meetings to improve their health and wellness through various services and events like the Health and Wellness retreat, GSAS balcony garden, and other social events like coffee breaks.