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Jeffery Kates

Hey there! My name is Jeff and I am a third-year PhD student in Dr. Rutsuko Ito’s lab, where I investigate the brain areas used in approach-avoidance decision-making. Outside of the lab, you’ll likely find me biking or birdwatching in one of the parks around Scarborough. I also enjoy reading, playing music, and catching up on my favourite shows. As your president, I look forward to advocating on behalf of all graduate students at UTSC and providing a close-knit, accessible campus. I’m honoured to work with an amazing executive team while we bring you events and initiatives that connect you with our grad student community. If you would like to contact me, please feel free to reach out at gsas.utsc@utoronto.ca or jeffrey.kates@mail.utoronto.ca !





Abdul-Salam Ibrahim

I am a Ph.D. student in the Department of Geography and Planning. My research focuses on urban planning and environmental governance through the lens of Indigenous political ecology. I am committed to championing student interest in ways that create a conducive environment for students to thrive.







Elissa Kohdikian









Isla Wrightson

Hi! My name is Isla Wrightson and I’m a third year PhD student in Prof Myrna Simpson’s research group. My research examines the long-term impact of changes in litter quality and quantity on the molecular biogeochemistry of soil organic matter in forests. As secretary, I am looking forward to working with this year’s executive team and ensuring that the purpose and mandate of GSAS is achieved. In my (limited) free time, I like to play tennis and badminton and enjoy painting, salsa dancing and nail art.





Social Media Coordinator

Jasmin Patel

My name is Jasmin and I am a third-year PhD student in the Gazzarrini lab studying seed coat development in Arabidopsis thaliana. My research looks at the genetic effects that alter seed coat morphology and gene expression to understand genetic interaction modules. Aside from research, I love to travel, go hiking, bake, binge TV shows, and do a variety of creative things like embroidery, crafting and nail art! As your social media coordinator, I look forward to advertising and helping plan GSAS events throughout the year!


Graduate Association for Professional Skills (GAPS) Representative 


Yalin Cai







New Frontier Seminar Series Coordinators (uoft.me/NFSS)

Aswini Kuruparan

I am an MSc student in Cell and Systems Biology at the Gonzales-Vigil lab and my research looks at how drought affects the epicuticular wax composition of a historical collection of Canadian bread wheat cultivars. Apart from my research, I also enjoy travelling, gardening, archery, and playing the guitar. As a NFSS coordinator, I am looking forward to organizing some interesting seminars this year.



Jessica Hu






Myles Matundan

Hi! I’m Myles, and I’m a second-year MSc student in Cell and Systems Biology working in the Gazzarrini lab. My research is focused on genetic factors involved in Arabidopsis thaliana seed development. Specifically, my project is leaning towards exploring the genetic redundancy within my transcription factor family of interest to more confidently examine their function during development. In my free time I like to garden, listen to musicals and watch sci-fi/fantasy TV series and films. All that being said, I’m super excited to be one of your New Frontier Seminar Series and with the team curate some exciting seminars!


Joseph Kawalec

Hello! I’m a second-year PhD student in Environmental Science, working in Professor Peter Molnar’s Laboratory of Quantitative Global Change Ecology. My work tracks host-parasite dynamics within the Greater Toronto Area, with a focus on how urban mammals may be transmitting parasites between one another across Toronto’s ravine system, and considering the risk posed to humans. In my free time, I enjoy bird-watching, jamming out to music, reading, running, and watching Netflix (these are not mutually exclusive). I’m looking forward to putting together some great talks this year as part of being one of your New Frontiers Seminar Series Coordinators!




Graduate Student Seminar Series Coordinators (uoft.me/GSSS)

Nigarsan Kokilathasan

I am a second year PhD student in the Department of Physical and Environmental Sciences, working under the supervision of Dr. Maria Dittrich. My research focuses on studying the impacts of nanoplastics on picocyanobacteria and microalgae. Outside of school, I enjoy reading, exploring nature and its wonderful inhabitants, and playing video games with friends. As one of your GSSS coordinators, I’m excited to showcase the diversity in research across our graduate community here at UTSC. I look forward to seeing you all (online or in-person) at our seminar series! 





Diwen Yang




Social Events Chair


Etinosa Oliogu






Biological Sciences Department Representative

Manisha Kabi

I am a second year PhD student in the Cell and Systems Biology Department, working under the supervision of Dr. Filion. My field of study is HIV Biology. Specifically, my research focuses on studying about the establishment and maintenance of HIV latency. Outside of the lab, I enjoy teaching, reading novels, cooking and painting. As this year’s GSAS Biological Sciences Department Representative, I would be working with the Biology Administration and Biology Students’ Association (BioSA) to coordinate interesting events for the Bioscience graduate community. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions related to our events!




Physical and Environmental Sciences Representative



Mahendra Doraisami






Psychology Department Representative


Emily Collins

Hi there! My name is Emily and I am the Graduate Student Association at Scarborough’s Psychology Department Representative. I am in my first year of the Psychology PhD program in the Behavioural Neuroscience area studying decision-making and alcohol use in rats in Dr. Rutsuko Ito’s lab. I’m excited to bring my organizational and communicative skills to GSAS to help make this association great! Outside the lab, I like to read, write, sing, and drink beer. Oh, and when I’m lucky enough to visit my family in our hometown, I love to spend quality time with our chickens and ducks.

Reach me at emilyanna.collins@mail.utoronto.ca, on Twitter @e_colli





Social Sciences/Humanities Department Representative


Position to be filled at by-election
If you are interested in joining the 2022-23 GSAS Executive Team please email gsas.utsc@utoronto.ca.


Master of Environmental Science Representative


Kat Muzyliwsky
Master of Accounting & Finance Representative
Position to be filled at by-election
If you are interested in joining the 2022-23 GSAS Executive Team please email gsas.utsc@utoronto.ca. 





Graduate Student Union Representatives


Ammarah Naseer

My name is Ammarah and I’m currently a master’s student in the Applied Immunology program at UofT. My research involves implementing an assay that can be utilized to screen an antibody-based therapeutic for enhanced pharmacokinetics. Outside of school, I really like reading and writing short stories in my free time. I’m someone who loves building connections with people and I’m always happy to chat about my experience in academia.





 Position to be filled at by-election
If you are interested in joining the 2022-23 GSAS Executive Team please email gsas.utsc@utoronto.ca.




Sports Representative


Menilek Beyene

Hello there, my name is Menilek Beyene, I’m a Third year Ph.D. student and this year’s sports representative for GSAS. I’ve been a member of GSAS since 2018, as a NFSS coordinator and GSAS president, and am returning to help bring fun physical activities to graduate students at UTSC! My goal is to provide information on the physical activities available to grad students as well as our own physical and outdoor activities for all to participate in. I am also very open to suggestions and helping you organize your ideas for having fun and staying active and invite anyone to reach out to me with ideas and/or resources you’d like to bring to your fellow grad students.




Wellness Representative (uoft.me/GSAShealthwellness

Patricia Semcesen

Currently, I’m in the fifth year of my Environmental Sciences PhD. under the supervision of Dr. Mathew Wells. I study the effects of biofilm growth on microplastics settling velocities and plastic pollution transport in lakes. I have previously studied internal waves and their potential impact on fish habitat in Hamilton Harbour. When not working on my research I often spend my time gardening, playing ultimate frisbee, trying new foods, and reading novels. I represent UTSC graduate students in Health and Wellness Advisory committee meetings to improve their health and wellness through various services and events like the Health and Wellness retreat, GSAS balcony garden, and other social events like coffee breaks.