The Year's Highlights

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At U of T Scarborough, our unwavering commitment to Inspire Inclusive Excellence has been evident throughout the past year.

The creation of eight new student awards not only celebrates academic merit, but also ensures that more U of T Scarborough learners get the financial boost they need to improve their student experience and allow them to engage more fully with the many supports the campus has to offer.

The strength of belief in the institutional vision is mirrored in our faculty and staff’s outstanding involvement. 211 contributors from across U of T tri-campus, a record 184 of which were from U of T Scarborough, went above and beyond to support a diverse range of 17 cross-departmental initiatives. Their dedication was celebrated uniquely – in a memorable volleyball match with our executive leadership.

Our community’s bonds also deepened and grew stronger. With 766 donors and 1,328 generous gifts, and a notable engagement of 4,459 alumni, the spirit of connection and collaboration has never been more vibrant. Volunteers, all 358 of them, have been our backbone, driving 41 diverse development and alumni events that knit our community closer.

In a resounding testament to our shared vision, we secured two transformative gifts of $25 million. A significant portion of these funds is earmarked to propel capital projects, benefitting both our campus and the wider eastern GTA, reinforcing the unique role that U of T Scarborough serves as an anchor institution.