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The University of Toronto Scarborough Black Alumni Network is committed to fostering a vibrant community that empowers, uplifts and celebrates the achievements and contributions of UTSC Black alumni. Our mission is to develop a strong network that promotes professional and personal growth for the UTSC Black alumni community, encourages Black alumni to remain connected and involved with UTSC, and provide guidance and support to Black UTSC students as they transition from student to alumni.

Working in partnership with the UTSC Development and Alumni Relations Office (DARO), we strive to:

  • Cultivate Connection – Forge and nurture meaningful relationships among Black alumni, creating a supportive environment that encourages networking, mentorship and collaboration.
  • Support Student Success – Provide mentorship and fundraise for scholarships that empower Black students to excel academically, professionally, and personally, ensuring they have the tools they need to thrive.
  • Drive Equity and Inclusion – Advocate for a more diverse, equitable and inclusive campus and community by collaborating with university leadership to effect positive change.
  • Celebrate Culture – Embrace and celebrate the diversity of Black cultures through events, programs and initiatives that promote cultural awareness, understanding and appreciation.


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Chevon riley's headshot

President - Chevon Riley (BSc 2020)

Chevon Riley is a Jamaican Canadian who earned a BSc with a specialization in Chemistry from UTSC. He is a dedicated entrepreneur with companies in the cosmetic, entertainment and insurance industries. Chevon founded Natural Organic Matters (NORM), through the UTSC’s incubators “The Hub '' and “The Black Founders Network” and has been awarded several grants accumulating to $60,000. His goal is to pave the way for like-minded individuals to grow and succeed in a conducive environment. Chevon’s aim is to use his knowledge, networking skills and resources to lead the UTSC Black Alumni Network Board by engaging Black alumni and students through meaningful and enriching experiences.







Melisa Ellis' headshot

Melisa Ellis (BA 2015)

Melisa Ellis is a technology professional, community leader, and the Founder & CEO of Nobellum Enterprise, a social and technology enterprise committed to supporting the startup of at least 100 Black-owned businesses in STEM by 2025. Melisa brings a decade of experience at the intersection of technology and project management.

A proud alum of the UTSC, Melisa collaborated with her alma mater to initiate a fund providing capital access for startups in the Nobellum Innovator Program, U of T Chapter. This initiative is designed to fund and train early-stage Black innovators in building sustainable businesses.

In recognition of her outstanding contributions, she was recently honoured with the '2022 University of Toronto Scarborough Alumni Inclusive Excellence Award' and received the "BMO Black Tech Community Builder of the Year" award. Enthusiastic about her role, Melisa is eager to leverage her leadership skills in the UTSC Black Alumni Network to champion the upcoming generation of Black graduates and foster opportunities for socioeconomic advancement.




Nikita Looby's headshot

Nikita Looby (BSc 2014, PhD)

Nikita Looby earned a BSc with a specialization in Chemistry from UTSC. As a Scientific Associate, she manages the Metabolomics Core Facility at the Krembil Research Institute, Schroeder Arthritis Institute, Toronto Western Hospital, and University Health Network. Nikita has over 7 years of experience as an LCMS application scientist, sample preparation specialist using solid phase microextraction (SPME), and a specialist in the field of Metabolomics—an emerging branch of systems biology. Her work encompasses scientific project management, mentoring and training MSc and PhD candidates, along with aspects of business development and marketing for the facility. Her research currently focuses on the use of LC-MS based metabolomics to aid in elucidating disease pathophysiology and discovering novel metabolite markers for disease diagnostics and prognostics.



Habib Ouane's headshot

Habib Ouane (BBA 2020)













Malcolm Wright's headshot

Malcolm Wright (BA 2015)

Malcolm Wright is a University of Toronto of Scarborough graduate and a visionary entrepreneur driven by a profound passion for education and social impact. As the Co-founder and Chief Partnership Officer at Nobellum, Malcolm exemplifies his commitment to making a positive difference in communities by actively participating in the development of transformative initiatives. With his specialty in education consultancy and pedagogical development, he also founded Wrightway Education, assisting countless students in their pursuit of learning. Malcolm always looks to empower “Global Citizens” by being a connector.

UTSC Black Alumni Network Conference
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