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We welcome inquiries for undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral positions from hard working and creative people. The 2637 sq. ft Centre for Environmental Epigenetics and Development hosts the laboratories of three investigators whose research is broadly focused on mechanisms of long-term adaptation to environmental conditions, with a particular focus on development. The Centre is home to cutting edge instrumentation to enable collaborative and training opportunities and serve as a focal point for research in this area across Canada.

Undergraduate Positions: Undergraduates are expected to commit several hours per week to work in the lab, including some weekend hours depending on experiment requirements. For students interested in obtaining course credit for work in the lab (e.g. B98, D98), prior experience as a volunteer in my lab is expected. This may be completed during the summer, fall or winter semesters. Interested students should email me briefly describing any prior research experience (if applicable), other time commitments, and their unofficial transcripts.

Graduate Positions: It is never too early to contact me about your interest in pursuing graduate studies in my lab. Prior research experience is expected. Prospective students should consider whether they are competitive for external fellowships (e.g. NSERC, CIHR, OGS). I supervise students in the departments of Cell and Systems Biology and Psychology at the University of Toronto. Students I supervise may join the University of Toronto Neuroscience Program

Postdoctoral Positions: Prospective research fellows who seek to apply for or have been awarded their own funding (e.g. NSERC, CIHR postdoctoral fellowships) are encouraged to contact me.




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