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The Opening Reception for the Feminist Pedagogy and Program Development in Women's Studies Summer Institute took place at the Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Toronto on the evening of Sunday July 14, 2002. The reception began at 6:00 pm, and dinner commenced at 7:00 pm. Opening remarks were made by Professor Ping-Chun Hsiung from the University of Toronto at Scarborough followed by a Welcoming speech from Paul Thompson, Principal of the University of Toronto at Scarborough. Professor Du Fangqin of Tianjin Normal University expressed her greetings, while Professor Ruth Hayhoe, Professor at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto gave a welcoming speech as well. Ms. Zhang Fang spoke on behalf of the absent Margrit Eichler, Director of Institute of Women's Studies and Gender Studies (IWSGS), expressing her greetings to the Chinese participants. Following dinner, Professor Hsiung introduced the participants and the special guests. She also delivered a message from Dianne Cunningham, Minister Responsible for Women's Issues, who extended her warm greetings to the Chinese feminist scholars.

Professor Hayhoe then gave an insightful speech about the "Ongoing Journey" of the workshop, reminiscing on her own trips to China. Lastly, Professor Leslie Chan of the Centre for Instructional Technology Development at the University of Toronto at Scarborough gave a warming thank you to all those involved with the Summer Institute workshops, while Zhang Jianzhong gave a brilliant musical performance on the traditional Chinese Eh Hu instrument to end the night beautifully and successfully.

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