image of Professor Boonstra

Professor of Ecology & Evolution and Physiology

Research Facilities

Field Research Facilities:

The research can take place anywhere in Canada and is question dependent. We have used sites in the Arctic, Yukon, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario. There is a full diversity of trapping equipment for wild mammal research including live-traps and radiotelemetry equipment.

Mobile Research Laboratory

This facility is equipped for physiological ecology and is in western Canada.

 picture of Professor Boonstra's truck  picture of Professor Boonstra and colleague doing some testing

Key Field Sites

Arctic Institute Base at Kluane Lake, Yukon I have a research lab here dedicated to neuroendocrinology and ecophysiology.

Koffler Scientific Reserve, University of Toronto. This site is just north of Toronto and the location of a major meadow vole experiment to understand the underlying mechanism of small mammal population cycles.

Laboratory Facilities

Advanced Instrumentation for all aspects of Neuroscience available in my lab in the Centre for Environmental Epigenetics and Development and through the Centre for the Neurobiology of Stress

  lab facilities

Hormone Analysis Facility
For Plasma Hormones (Adrenal and Gonadal)
Radioimmunoassay using Tritium and Gamma isotopes

 lab facilities

Fecal Hormone Metabolites
Enzyme Immunoassay Suite

 lab facilities

Histology Instrumentation
Blood Chemistry Analysis

 lab facilities

 lab facilities

Cryostat Facility to extract key brain stress axis regions for epigenetics