New Media Studies: Course Sequence

Program Requirements:

This program requires the completion of 9.0 credits as indicated below, and:

  1. At least 2.0 credits at the C- or D-level
  2. A minimum grade of 60% is required in the Centennial College courses to pass and maintain standing in the program.
  3. Students who wish to enrol in the Field Placement course can enrol at Centennial College for a summer semester upon successful completion of Centennial College Group 1 and 2 courses listed below. For this purpose only, students will have to register for their courses at Centennial College and pay their tuition directly to Centennial College. Tuition and registration is not done through ROSI. Please note that this is the only time you will register at- and pay tuition directly to Centennial College.
NOTE: Centennial College courses for this program are taught at the Story Arts Centre campus,
            located at 951 Carlaw Ave., East York. 

Required Courses

First Year

1.0  Credit of Introductory Media Studies Courses
          MDSA01H3 Introduction to Media Studies
          MDSA02H3 History of Media 

Second Year

0.5 Credit of Core Media Studies
          MDSB61H3 Mapping New Media
4.5 Credits of New Media Studies Courses
Centennial College Group 1:
         *NMEA01H3 Digital Fundamentals
         *NMEA02H3 Introduction to New Media Communications
         *NMEA03H3 The Language of Design
         *NMEA04H3 Interface Design, Navigation and Interaction I
[Note: students will be eligible to enoll in Group 2 courses after successfully completing the cluster of Group 1 courses above.]
Centennial College Group 2:
         *NMEB05H3 Interface Design, Navigation and Interaction II
         *NMEB06H3 Project Development and Presentation
         *NMEB08H3 Application Software for Interactive Media
         *NMEB09H3 Sound Design
         *NMEB10H3 New Media Design

Third Year

1.5 Credits of Core Media Studies Courses
          MDSB62H3 Visual Culture and Communication
          MDSB63H3 Sound and Visual Media
          0.5 credit in an additional MDS-course
0.5 Credit from the Following
          CSCA20H3 Computer Science for the Sciences

          VPAA06H3 Visual and Performing Arts Management in the Digital Age

          VPMC91H3 Introduction to Electronic Music

          VPMC97H3 Music, Technologies, Media

          VPSA62H3 Foundation Studies in Studio

          VPSA73H3 Video I

          VPSA74H3 Digital Studio I

          VPSB67H3 Photo I

          VPSB72H3 Digital Publishing

          VPSB75H3 Photo II

          VPSB76H3 Video II

          VPSB80H3 Digital Studio II

          VPSB86H3 Sculpture and Technology

          VPSB87H3 Documentary Photography

          VPSB88H3 Sound Art

          VPSB89H3 Digital Animation I

          VPSC52H3 Documentary Video

          VPSC70H3 Theory and Practice: New Media in Studio

          VPSC89H3 Digital Animation II

[Note: Additional courses with a media focus offered by other programs and departments may be eligible to meet this requirement (with permission of the program director).]

Fourth Year

1.0 Credit of D-level New Media Studies Courses
          NMED01H3 New Media Senior Project
          NMED20H3 Theory and Practice of New Media        

*A minimum of C- (60%) in these particular courses is required to pass and maintain standing in the program.