City Studies

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The growth of Canada’s city-regions raises new sets of urban planning and policy challenges, including economic competitiveness, transportation and congestion, public infrastructure management, environmental sustainability and conservation, neighbourhood wellbeing and social inclusion, health, and quality of life in cities more generally. New challenges require new ideas and solutions. City Studies is a multidisciplinary undergraduate program that introduces students to concepts and skills to understand and tackle problems of an increasingly urban world. The program also offers preparation for graduate studies in related fields. With approximately 200 full-time major students, City Studies at UTSC is one of the largest and most comprehensive interdisciplinary urban studies programs offered in Canada.

Students interested in City Studies must complete general first-year courses in the Social Sciences before entering the program in their second year. Core courses will then introduce students to the program’s three areas of concentration.

Major Program In City Studies (Arts)

The City Studies curriculum has three areas of concentration: City-Building, Community Development, and City Governance. This program requires a total of 7.0 full credits within the broader 20 credit requirement for a UTSC degree.

Major (Co-Operative) Program In City Studies (Arts)

This Honours B.A. program combines the Major Program in City Studies with work terms in private enterprise, the public sector, or non-governmental organizations, and another Major Program chosen from a list of discipline-based programs. Graduates will receive an Honours B.A. degree wherein they must combine the Major (Co-operative) Program in City Studies with one of the following:

Major Program in Anthropology
Major Program in Economics for Management
Major Program in Environmental Science
Major Program in History
Major Program in Human Geography
Major Program in Political Science
Major Program in Sociology
Major Program in Studio
Major Program in Women's and Gender Studies

The Program is intended to complement the chosen academic discipline and to give students the opportunity to see how they might apply ideas from that discipline in their field of professional interest.

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