Human Geography

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Human Geography is a broad-ranging subject. As a social science, Human Geography is concerned with the spatial patterns of human activity and the character of regions and places. Human Geography is well placed to explore the complex relationships between society and the natural environment as well as the social and economic problems of human land use and settlement.

Geographers are developing innovative ways to explore the greater connectivity of everyday life, the importance of place to global movements of people and ideas, new patterns of uneven economic development and new social concerns around the environment, human health and mega-cities.

Geography complements other UTSC programs such as City Studies, Environmental Science, Political Science, Sociology, Anthropology, Economics for Management Studies and Development Studies. Geography courses are also listed as options in several UTSC programs including the Co-op Program in International Development.

Our courses are organized into three areas of concentration, each focusing on a particular set of issues and concepts. Students majoring in Human Geography use these clusters to organize the sequence of required and elective courses, and are encouraged to focus on two areas of concentration.

Major Program In Human Geography (Arts)

Courses in the Major Program in Human Geography are divided into three main subdisciplinary concentrations: Urban Geography, Social/Cultural Geography and Environmental Geography. This program requires a total of 7.0 full credits within the broader 20 credit requirement for a UTSC degree.

Minor Program In Human Geography

This program requires a total of 4.0 full credits, including 1.0 full credit at the C-level or D-level.

Major Program In Physical And Human Geography (Arts)

This is an interdepartmental program leading to a B.A. degree in which students combine courses in human geography (GGR prefix) with courses in physical geography (EES prefix). This program requires the completion of a total of 8.0 full credits of which 4.0 credits are to be EES courses, and 4.0 credits are to be GGR courses.

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