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As a practitioner of critical qualitative research, I have conducted research on gender inequality and social change in Taiwan and China. My commitment to critical qualitative research inspires me to engage in current research that examines the history of qualitative inquiry in China, where Marxism, the party-state, and Mao’s legacy of rural investigative research have shaped politics and practices since the 1930s.

I have taught undergraduate and graduate qualitative methods courses at the University of Toronto since the early1990s. I have also worked with qualitative researchers and practitioners in China for more than a decade. While I appreciate the approach’s transformative potential, I have also become keenly aware of the challenges in the teaching and learning of it. This Guide is intended to tackle some of the pedagogical challenges. By making it accessible online I invite teachers and students to take full advantage of its interactive design and to maximize the full potential of the appended data set. Please direct your comments and suggestions to pchsiung@utsc.utoronto.ca.

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