Welcome to WebOption

As an academic support service offered by the Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) at the University of Toronto Scarborough since 2009, WebOption provides students with flexibility, accessibility, and diversity in their pursuit of academic excellence. We understand that learning styles vary from student to student and CTL provides the resources to help accommodate individual needs.


Have Your Lectures Recorded

WebOption Lecturecasting provides services to video-record lectures as they are delivered and make them available to students enrolled in the course as Internet video within 24 hours of the live lecture. This means that students still have the ability to attend in-class lectures and they can also watch lectures from any internet-connected, video playback device. The result is that students gain amazing flexibility with respect to their schedules, and it accommodates different learning styles. WebOption is not distance education: students are still expected to come to class and office hours and attend exams as they would otherwise. It simply provides more flexibility with respect to watching and reviewing lectures.

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Why Choose WebOption?

Using WebOption to record your lectures provides your students with an additional learning resource. It is a useful tool for students needing AccessAbility services, or more flexibility. The WebOption Lecturecast system gives them the opportunity to review your lectures at any time.

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The Value of WebOption

Research by Dr. Bassili and Dr. Joordens suggests that many students use and appreciate the online tools that allow them to pause, rewind or replay lectures. As an added benefit, students get the opportunity to produce neat and organized notes and achieve greater productivity when they are afforded a second view of the lecture. Thus, in addition to the timing flexibility, WebOption adds a number of study and review possibilities for the students.

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