Join Our Team

Do you want to contribute to one of our campus services that reaches over 70% of the student population? Do you want to gain new technical and workplace skills in a rich collaborative team environment? Do you want to know what it is like to be an employee of The University of Toronto, a top 10 Canadian employer according to Forbes magazine? Then consider joining the WebOption Videographer team at UTSC, we serve the diverse UTSC student body with recorded lectures that provide students with the accessibility and flexibility to accommodate their learning experience to individual needs.

Being a WebOption videographer gives you the opportunity to engage students and faculty in a whole new perspective, your experience on the team earns you CCR credit as well as allows you to earn some money while you continue your education at UTSC.

As a WebOption Videographer, you will have the opportunity to gain exposure to courses outside of your program of study, and possibly even gain early exposure to upper-year courses that you plan to take down the road. Any way you look at it there is no downside to becoming a WebOption Videographer. Come join the team and get the complete UTSC experience, while gaining skills to be more successful academically and professionally as you continue your education at Canada’s Best University.

To apply for a position at any time of the year, send an appropriate cover letter and your resume to