Faculty - Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that is not covered in the FAQ please send us an email with the question and we will add it to this list.

Faculty FAQs

What happens to the lecture recording?

Once the in-class lecture has been delivered, the video of your lecture will be processed and available for students to view within 24 hours. Based on your preferences, your lectures will be available for students to view for the entire semester, or the recordings can be set to expire after a set amount of time. Many instructors have found that their students are more engaged in the course content and stay on top of the material if the recorded lectures expire after a short amount of time, for example, after 2 or 3 weeks. Once the lecture has been recorded all of the uploading, activating, deactivating and archiving is handled by us.

Where is my lecture recording? How can I access the recorded lectures?

When you request WebOption services, a WebOption link is added to your course Quercus page. Students, Lecturers, and course associates (Course Friends, Admins, etc.) can access your lectures through this link on the course Quercus page or by logging in at: https://lecturecast.utsc.utoronto.ca/login.php. Only courses taught by you that are videotaped will be displayed upon login. Students can only access lecture recordings of courses they are enrolled in.

Who should I call to have my event recorded?

The WebOption service, under the direction of the Centre for Teaching and Learning at the University of Toronto Scarborough, exists to cover course related material, for example, lectures, labs, tutorials, etc. If you wish to request video coverage for an event that is not specifically related to course material please visit IITS's Film Multimedia Services website to learn more about their services and make a request.

How do my students know what to do when they’re in an online (LEC60) Lecture section?

Before the first lecture, make an announcement through your course Quercus page informing students that those enrolled in the LEC60 section are to watch the lectures online later in the day when it is posted, and only those registered into LEC01 - LEC30 are expected to attend the live lecture. Also mention to those enrolled in the LEC60 section that the lecture they will view online is identical to what was presented during the live lecture; they will not miss any bit of the lecture.
During the first lecture, mention to the students in your traditional section that they can also watch the lectures online if they prefer, and demonstrate how to access them. You'll find that many of these students will prefer the online recordings, and within the next few lectures, empty seats will start appearing in the class. When you think there are plenty of empty seats, consider making an announcement during the lecture, inviting anyone who would like to come to the traditional class to do so, including those officially enrolled in the LEC60 section. You will then end up with a class that it typically only about a half to two-thirds full, but it contains those students who want to be there. When you are lecturing to students who are listening, thinking and interacting, the lecture becomes more dynamic and engaging. Those who watch online will then get an enhanced experience of the lectures, which benefits everyone.