Sustainability Citizen

A group of students and community members cleaning up garbage on campus

The Sustainability Citizen tier allows UTSC students to explore different themes of sustainability through extracurricular activities and receive official recognition through Co-Curricular Record (CCR) on their transcript.  

In order to receive the Sustainability Citizen, students must complete a certain number of approved sustainability-oriented co-curricular activities. The total number of credits needed to complete this tier is 10:  

1. Earn 1 credit for the completion of the introductory module on CLNx

2. Earn 8 credits participating in extracurricular activities

3. Earn 1 credit for a short reflection

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For more information about this tier, please check out the CECCS website 

Sustainability Citizen FAQs

UTSC students can enroll in the Sustainability Citizen tier by logging in to CLNx using your UTORid and navigating to Program Registration under Programs on the left-hand menu. The general program CLNx dashboard can be found here. Scroll down until you see the Sustainability Citizen Program (listed in alphabetical order) and click the blue Enroll button to the right.

If you have any issues with enrollment, please email the UTSC Sustainability Office at 

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You can access the Introduction Module here on Quercus. Once you have enrolled and completed the module, take a screenshot of the grades page where your name is visible and upload it to the Sustainability Citizen Program on CLNx as per the below screen shots.

First click on the blue Complete the Sustainability Citizen Introductory Module in Quercus button.


This list has some examples of UTSC activities that will count towards the 8 activity credits of Sustainability Citizen. This list is not exhaustive.

More examples can be found in the Tri-Campus Sustainability Calendar.  

Example events

- UTSC Waste Reduction Week, UTSC Sustainability Week, Repair Workshops, UTSC Parks Canada nature walks, sustainability educational webinars or workshops or lectures, Sustainability- themed Hackathon or Innovation Challenge, UTSC UTIRS Model United Nations 

Example Sustainability Community Service/Volunteering: 

Regenesis Free Store, UTSC Campus Farm Volunteer, Regenesis Bike Clinic Facilitator, TRCA Meadoway Clean ups, Sustainability Office Waste Ambassadors

Example Executive Service or Participation in a Sustainability Student Group Campaign:

- UTSC Regenesis, UTSC Parks Canada, Geography and City Studies Student Association, and check out the Student Organization Portal (SOP) for more sustainability-minded clubs at UTSC! 

Example Sustainability Conferences:

- Rotman Net Impact ConferenceSTTPA Conference UTMSEA Conference