Fair Trade

The UTSC campus was designated as the 15th Fair Trade Campus in Canada on May 17, 2016 by Fair Trade Canada.

What is Fairtrade?

It is a new way of doing business; using consumer support to influence international trade practices.

  • Guarantees a minimum price and fair wages to farmers
  • Improves working conditions for farmers
  • Improves living conditions of families in developing countries
  • Funds community development projects (health care, sanitation, schools and building vital infrastructure)
  • Sets standards to protect the environment through sustainable agricultural practices

Check out this amazing short video on What Fairtrade is? created by Fairtrade Canada.

Where can I buy Fairtrade products on campus?

Fairtrade Certified products (including coffee, tea and chocolate) are currently available on campus at the following locations:

  • Marketplace (Coffee, Tea, Chocolate)
  • Starbucks (Fairtrade drip coffee option)
  • Rex’s Den (Coffee and Tea)
  • UTSC Bookstore (Chocolate)
  • International News Store (Chocolate)