Biking for Community

bikes in front of sw building

Biking for Community is a free bicycle rental service, or "bikeshare" program, for University of Toronto Scarborough students. Students are able to rent bicycles for the day and use them for errands or having fun around Scarborough! Students are able to rent bicycles for one full day from May 8 to October 16, 2023. 

The bicycle rental office is located at the Student Residence Centre (SRC) beside Joan Foley Hall. 

Biking for Community is administered by the UTSC Sustainability Office on UTSC campus from May to October. This program could not happen without the support of many other departments at UTSC such as Healthy Campus Initiative, Athletics & Recreation, Student Housing & Residence Life, and Retail & Conference Services.

Bike Rental FAQs

Visit us at the Student Residence Centre (SRC) to rent a bike!

1. At SRC, you will be asked to fill out the online rental form. Please have your UTORid and student number available as you will need those to rent a bike. Other items on the form include your consent to follow the rules & regulations of the program and liability waiver.

2. You will be given a bike lock and a lanyard with a bike number, the key to the lock, swipe access card to the outdoor bike cage, and emergency contact information.

3. Head to the outdoor bike cage located beside the Highland Hall bus loop. Use your swipe access card to enter the bike cage and remove the bike assigned to you and collect a helmet from the bin. Remember to perform a small check on the bike to make sure it is in good condition. 

ABCD bike check: Air in the tires, Brakes and bell work, Chain is not twisted, Drop the bike from a few inches off the ground to make note of anything that sounds loose.

4. CLOSE THE BIKE CAGE BEHIND YOU and enjoy your ride! Remember to bring your bike rental back on the same day, before 4 pm.

You will need your UTORid, student card, and student number in order to rent a bicycle. You will be required to give your student card to the administration staff which will be returned upon return of the bike.

Your bike rental includes a helmet which must be worn at all times while riding the bike.

Best practices for bike riding include always carrying water and a small snack, wear lots of spf, and tight clothing that won't get caught in the wheels.


Thank you for returning your bike rental on the same day! Follow the steps below to return your rental

1. Head back to the outdoor bike cage and use your swipe card to enter.

2. Reattach the bike to any stand and return your helmet to the bin.

3. CLOSE THE BIKE CAGE BEHIND YOU. Make sure it is securely closed!

4. Go back to the Student Residence Centre where you rented the bike and return the bike lock and lanyard. This is very important! If you have returned the bike to the bike cage but not the lanyard or lock, this will not only not allow another student to rent the bike but also count as the bike not being returned and will result in late fees and/or future banning from renting a bike.

5. Please let the staff at SRC know if you encountered any issues with the bike that we need to address such as repairs or stolen items

6. Fill out the post-rental survey sent to the email you used to rent the bike so that we can improve the program! Your feedback helps us make changes to ensure students have a great rental experience!

Thank you for using the Biking for Community program!

Bike rentals are available for same-day rent and return. Please return your bike before 4:30 pm on the same day. 

Absolutely! Please remember to be safe and obey all traffic laws. Your bike rental includes a lock and key; please lock your bike up when not in use as you will be responsible for any fees associated with lost or stolen bikes.

Check out this website for tips on road safety: and

Check out this website for tips for bicycle theft prevention: 

If this is an emergency situation only, such as there has been an accident, please contact Campus Safety 416-978-2222 

If it is a non-emergency, please consider your safety first and walk with the bike if you do not feel it is safe to ride. Return the bike as soon as possible and let one of the rental staff members know of the issue so that we can take the next steps to address the repair.

Interested in learning about bicycle maintenance? UTSC's own student club Regenesis offers a Bike Clinic where students can learn how to make minor repairs to their bicycles. The Bike Clinic will run May - Sep 2023, Wednesdays 2-5 pm during the outdoor UTSC Farmer's market.

UTSC Regenesis is looking for volunteer Bike Clinic Facilitators who will be responsible for mentoring fellow community members on how to take care of their bikes and do minor repairs. All student volunteers will be trained by professional mechanics and provided all equipment necessary. This opportunity will count towards the Sustainability Citizen Program events category. Honoraria will be provided. For more information, contact